Cloud Certitude: Delivering the Power of Cloud to Sales Reps

Salesforce is the first company that took CRM to the cloud, enabling companies to access all of their customer information online, from any device, anywhere in the world, 24/7. Ever since, the firm has been ensuring its benefits are met by businesses in the best means possible. Living up to that reputation is not easy, especially in a market swarming with Cloud application providers. Based out of Gurugram, Cloud Certitude is an emerging consulting company focused on products, platform and ISV services. Cloud Certitude has conducted multiple engagements helping clients develop, customize and integrate a wide range of solutions globally including India.

As a Product Development Partners, PDO Partner & Consulting Partners with Salesforce, Cloud Certitude has helped many companies develop applications for AppExchange. Since 2013, Cloud Certitude's certified Salesforce consultants have been helping businesses with optimum Salesforce consulting services that include setup, configuration, integration and customization across Salesforce Community, Service, Sales, Marketing and Analytics Clouds. The firm is known to have delivered agile, scalable and high-performance Salesforce solutions to many clients across the globe.

Over the last 300 years, world has seen different industrial revolutions ­ steam, electricity, computing and now connected devices. The 4th Industrial revolution introduces new technologies like IoT, AI, Data Science. Cloud Certitude is helping Small Scale and Mid-Market business to automate their Sales Process in a slow-moving economy. Many our cloud certitude customers had told us after the implementation their revenue has increased by 15 percent ­ 20 percent per quarter at an incremental pace.

AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace. This is where customers find
over 5000 solutions to help extend Salesforce into any department or industry. More than 8000 customer reviews. Over 1000 consultants to bring deep expertise to drive business transformations. And with 6.5 million installs already, you have been in safe company. Twin Finder, Board Anything, Upload guru, Sticky notes for Salesforce, Draw your Attachment, and Quick Appointment are few of the products built by Cloud Certitude. Another on-the-go feature is to allow them to easily sell from anywhere, on any device. This is yet another way to unlock the productivity of a business' sales force.

Rakesh Aggarwal,Founder

Digital transformation has changed the way the world operates, sometimes sacrificing personal connection for automation and efficiency. There has never been a more important time to ensure the customer is at the center of every conversation, whether it's about privacy, trust, security, artificial intelligence (AI), or conversational user interface (UI). Customers have more choices than ever before. Cloud Certitude is helping customers being digitally connected and communicate with their friends, families and co-workers with creating comprehensive solutions across channels and boosting customer satisfaction by linking it directly to the entire ecosystem.

Having a cloud strategy will enable you to apply its tenets quickly with fewer delays, thus speeding the arrival of your ultimate business outcomes

Cloud Certitude's Salesforce communities help businesses with best practices for creating communities with lightning and communities templates. Communities are branded spaces for employees, customers, and partners to connect. A user can customize and create communities to meet business requisites, and then transition seamlessly between them.