ClickServer: A Reliable Website Hosting & Support Partner

Johnson George Thomas,FounderWith the advancement in technology, the business world is moving more and more towards digital transformation. Today, almost everyone relies on the Internet, and in this interconnected eco-sphere, website downtime can be very costly in terms of the organization's bottom line revenue, brand reputation, and search engine visibility. A website with a domain name has become a must option nowadays, as it helps to stay ahead in the completion. Business leaders are well aware of this fact, but one may not know how much important it is to choose the best website hosting partner. For a working website, it has to be hosted somewhere, but choosing a host shouldn't be taken as granted, because one wrong plan and it can have a serious impact on your business.

ClickServer, a 2018-established organization and a leading provider of web-presence solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises, professionals and individuals, completely understands the importance of website hosting much better than any other competitor in the space and offers a complete suite of products that can help clients establish & grow their online presence. From the very beginning, ClickServer has been changing the face of the hosting industry with a set of new standards, offering quality hosting services at a reasonable price.

Dedicated Services
ClickServer offers a wide range of solutions that include Cloud Hosting, low-cost VPS
Hosting, Dedicated Server, affordable Shared Web Hosting, Live Video Streaming Server, Domains, SSL, Web Design, Web Application Development, SEO and SMM. Partnering with ClickServer is highly satisfactory, as the firm owns state-of-the-art hardware and reliable hosting technology, but what makes the firm different from other is its remarkable customer service. "Unlike other Web Hosting companies, we offer fully managed support to our shared Web Hosting Customers 24x7 and they can reach us via our ticketing system, mail or phone," states Johnson George Thomas, Founder, ClickServer.

The firm allows customers to choose Fully Managed Cloud Hosting plans, which is backed by ClickServer's Support Engineers. They take care of setting-up the server, installing control panel, server hardening, regular updates of security patches, installing third party apps and much more. Not just that, ClickServer's flexibility is undoubtedly commendable. For instance, customers can choose to deploy their Cloud Servers from 17 locations worldwide, and they can also upload their own Operating System.

Unlike other Web Hosting companies, we offer fully managed support to our shared Web Hosting Customers 24x7 and they can reach us via our ticketing system, mail or phone

ClickServer is an intrinsic people-centric organization with a motivated talent pool, which works cohesively and is geared-up to deliver solutions across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Basically, the team is responsible for a various success stories that ClickServer has accumulated. Recently, the team helped its client TANA (Telugu Association of North America) to migrate to the cloud and offered fully managed support to handle their day to day tasks. "We have also helped Swarit Foundation, Delhi, to go online with India's Biggest Digital Young String Festival ­ Celebrating Birth Centenary of Bharath Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar, which happened from 24 May to 31 May, 2020," boasts Johnson, stating a success story.

With such dedicated services, ClickServer has claimed a number of accolades such as Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award by National Education and Human Resource Development Organisation, Mumbai for excellence in the respective field on the occasion of 14th National Seminar on `National Economic Growth Through Individual Contribution'. Talking about the future roadmap, Johnson says, "We are primarily focusing on adopting new technologies and provide even better products and services and increase our client base".