Corpusvision Technologies: Reliable & Long-Lasting Software Solutions At Pocket Friendly Prices

Pranjal Pandey, Founder & CEO,Vineet Singh Kashyap, Co-Founder

Pranjal Pandey

Founder & CEO

A couple of years ago, two spirited young entrepreneurs Pranjal Pandey (Co-founder) and Vineet Singh Kashyap (Co-founder), met to discuss the potential of an IoT-based infotainment broadcasting system and the subsequent lack of one such broadcasting system in the market, so they decided to work on the same. As they were very serious about it and Vineet was not able to focus on his job in L&T infotech so he decided to quit L&T infotech, meanwhile Pranjal could not focus on college attendance and got kicked out of college exam. Being from middle-class family and not born with a golden spoon they faced criticism for their decision left and right, with really very less to no support (both financially and morally). But they still had eyes on their dream. Both worked day and night and at the end they got their fruit. L&T Infotech (Vineet's ex-company) decided to buy first batch of their innovative infotainment broad-casting system christened as AtmoPlayTM.

As Vineet and Pranjal progressed through the new journey, both realised that there is a lack of infrastructure and support for startups who want their IoT based project up and running quickly, So they decided to solve this problem. Soon, the duo came across with a company who were facing problem with lack of infrastructure and support for their Home Automation Project. They partnered with them to work on their Home Automation solution, they got the much needed recognition and people started taking them seriously. These events led to the bootstrap of Corpusvision Technologies.

Corpusvision's journey started with an IoT based infotainment broadcasting system and later evolved into a solution-based company providing solutions to problems through the power of technology. Unlike Google, Amazon, and other providers that require tedious setup procedures, Corpusvision provides everything essential to get running quickly. Other Cloud Solution providers do not provide a customised Mobile App for hardware manufacturers, while Corpusvision does along with services and set of tools to maintain that services in long run.

There are very few companies in India that have open-source frameworks, and most companies rely on third party frameworks for development. Whereas Corpusvision has developed their own frameworks named Scrawler PHP, Scrawler Mobile & Scrawler Web. Firstly, they have open sourced Scrawler PHP framework and in the process of open sourcing the other too. They build custom solutions for the needs of the clients and does not sell pre-made bloated software. Most importantly, the services are provided in a pocket-friendly budget above all. It is the company's mission to make home automation a commodity for the small players, not just for the luxury upper class.

Corpusvision's team is centred around youths, with the team consisting of young and inspiring minds. With fresh minds, the organisation is ready to adapt to new things and work on new challenges. Since its establishment, Corpusvision has helped multiple startups and companies that include partnerships with two major hardware manufacturers based in India, providing home automation solutions, partnerships with IT-inserts, and the expansion of service-based division in Germany. In addition to that, Corpusvision has developed over 20+ applications, websites, and solutions for various companies in India, as well as abroad.

The Three Framework towards Success
To overcome the challenge of massive demand for extended IT support on a relatively low budget at the same time ­ Corpusvision developed three open source frameworks.

1. Scrawler PHP ­ PHP framework for Rapid App Development
While developing applications for clients, Corpusvision team found repeating common procedures, which made the development cycle a little slow. They wanted something automated and modular hence they made Scrawler to speed up the development cycle by automating tedious work like routing, database management, and so on. The enterprise development that Scrawler PHP can do includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Central Management Systems (CMS), and Web applications, among many others.

2. Scrawler Mobile ­ Framework for developing hybrid mobile applications
They needed an integrated Mobile App development system for the ecosystem. Therefore they developed set of Hybrid App components to work with Scrawler PHP as
Server which helped in faster development compared to other framework.

3. Scrawler Web ­ A web application framework.
To complete their ecosystem they developed beautiful Web UI components with complete set of tools to create fast & fully featured Progressive Web Applications.

These three frameworks helped Corpusvision to provide a complete ecosystem to their clients. Because the tools used to build various software are open sourced, any third-party vendors can easily support clients' work even when the Corpusvision team is not around. Keeping the tools open source also means anyone can check the quality of the tools, approach, and philosophy.

Why Scrawler Ecosystem ?
1. It is open source
2. Clients can get long lasting support via scrawler updates
3. Scrawler have well tested and high code quality
Scrawler on Metal: Taking Scrawler based applications one step forward

In order to give maximum performances for Scrawler based applications with minimum costs, Corpusvision designed a cloud-based hosting service specifically for this ecosystem called Scrawler on Metal. Scrawler on Metal is designed to give maximum performance using an event-based PHP loop, which is not readily available in another shared Host environment. Scrawler on Metal supports event base loop, Automatic scrawler updates, and much more.

Vineet Singh Kashyap, Co-Founder

Why opt for Scrawler on Metal:
• Scrawler PHP runs faster on Scrawler metal than any other traditional environment.
• It is Optimised to get the maximum performance out of scrawler PHP.
• Services like database, caching, logging among many others, are on scrawler metal, and is tightly coupled with scrawler PHP.

CV Cloud: All-in-one IOT Cloud Solution
In recent times there has been a rise of IoT hardware manufacturers in India, but the developments in the software support is scarce. Companies end up making their own software applications on which it is hard to Maintain and provide support, as most of them lack essential features., and they barely have updates and support. Corpusvision saw this problem and planned to bring viable support to this ecosystem. This led to the launch of CV Cloud.

CV Cloud is a cloud service for IoT based systems. CV Cloud provides all the necessary setup required in bringing IoT hardware to life. This includes the MQTT server, Redis based scheduling, state management, and much more. Integrating hardware requires just a few lines of code, and your product is ready to enter the market.

We evolved into a company that gives quality solutions with low budgets, we believe every individual has the right to get high quality service whether they have high budget or not, keeping the underlying framework same, we were able to provide maximum quality even in minimum budget," - Pranjal Pandey, founder & CEO, Corpusvision technologies

Advantages CV Cloud brings to the table:
• It brings forth a ready to use customised mobile applications for hardware manufacturer. Hence time and resources needed to build these applications is drastically reduced.
• It offers both online and offline support for any hardware devices.
• It works with multiple voice Assistant like Google & Alexa
• It has fully managed cloud integration and it is straightforward to integrate with any hardware
• It utilises Machine learning, Kubernetes, and other modern tools to provide these features.

Unique Benefits Offered to the Clients
All of Corpusvision's work is based on the latest coding standards and they a voids taking requests for applications that need to be developed on old legacy standards. Even if the company ceases to exist due to any circumstances, the open-source projects and open standard will always be available, which can be utilised by any vendor or clients to support and enhance their project.

The company has plans to open-source its remaining two tools Scrawler Mobile and Scrawler Web, in the upcoming future with robust documentation so that the developer community adopts and make use of these tools. In addition to that, Corpusvision intends to launch an appointment/token application that would help businesses re-open smoothly after lockdown.

Corpusvision is focused on providing complete IoT software solution for any new hardware company with the smallest hole in the pocket by provide everything in a tidy package so that the hardware manufacturer can get up and running without breaking a sweat. Corpusvision provide customised app for device manufacturers, and the servers are configured out of the box to support any device. Moreover, the company is well adept in keeping the costs low by splitting resources between various hardware manufacturers.

Corpusvision and its team of creators, innovators and dreamers envisions a common goal to make beautiful technologies affordable to all. Corpusvision does not distinguish quality based on budget. The company believes in understanding the client's mindset and their future goals even before starting a project.

"We spend weeks talking to clients, trying to guide and explain to him the technical things. We are not just working on a product, we are working on someone's dream," says Vineet Singh Kashyap, Co-founder of Corpusvision Technologies.