Carter Rock Infotainment: Converting Dreams & Fiction into Unbelievable Visuals

Jeetendra Malkani,Proprietor

Jeetendra Malkani, Proprietor

India’s not-so-nascent-but-not-yet-mature animation industry has come a long way over the past few decades, but itis still fraught with many challenges that need to be addressed. Lack of developed market, and low level of professionalism coupled with a diminutive investment in technology are some of them. This has led to skepticism in the audience about spending on visiting the cinema to watch a ‘not up to the mark’ Indian animated movie. Contrariwise, this has built scarcity of confidence & uncertainty with concept creation, technology selection, budget, turn around time and many more within Indian animated filmmakers. With these macro factors aligned towards high demand and opportunity, Carter Rock Infotainment - a 3D animation studio with the focus on 3D characters - fills the void as a professional service provider offering range of services with an aim to bring-down costs for the customers providing the best quality content.

Carter’s unique approach of brainstorming with its client helps
simplify their confusion step-by-step, providing precise options in the form of analytics and storyboard. “We always thrive to give our clients a pleasant experience during the entire process of production & film making, and also guide them to the best possible beneficial solutions. Turning impossible to possible is our ultimate vision for our clients,” asserts Jeetendra Malkani, Proprietor, Carter Rock Infotainment. Alongside animation, the studio provides services such as modeling, texturing and rigging, to name a few, ensuring every aspects of the client’s animation project to be brought to an impressive and innovative 3D reality.

"Carter’s unique approach of brainstorming with its client helps simplify their confusion step-by-step, providing precise options in the form of analytics and storyboard"

It’s true that 3D animation is making its presence in films of all genres, be it action, comedy or romance, and irrespective of scale, be it small, medium or big budget movies. With the changing mindset of audience, animation exudes the potential of becoming one of the most sought - after mediums for entertainment and story-telling in India. Carter is well known for winning client’s trust by leveraging the latest technologies combined with highly creative & experienced artists to bring a smooth transformation of fiction to mind-blowing visuals. Carter has also ventured into the kids’
education space and is achieving good milestones on the YouTube platform, known as Teddy & Timmy Poems for Kids having more than 400 million views, one million subscribers and counting. Currently, the company is aggressively looking for venture capital to mount this project at another level.

Carter being a complete package in providing all kinds of animation services dives deep into the concept & thoughts of the clients, which allow adding great value to the entire project creatively and costing wise too. The company believes in goodwill and thus does more than the best possible when it comes to performance to produce the best possible results. When it comes to quality control, the organization pays high priority to it. “QC is something we don’t compromise upon. There have been instances where we have spent our monies to achieve a certain standard of quality in spite of the client’s budget being consumed,” claims Jeetendra.

Incepted in 2015 with a motto ‘Action and Results speak more than words,’ Carter stands tall as a renowned company having successfully accomplished its vision. Having worked for preeminent organizations like Camlin, Mindray, One Assist, and Microtrol, to name a few, Carter has witnessed an average year-on-year revenue growth of 18 percent and is looking forward to exponential growth in the coming years.