BuMo3DR: Connecting with Customers Efficiently through Latest Immersive Technologies

Sridharan Thyagarajan, President & Founder

If your customers are made to feel as if they are outsiders, they will eventually find a competitor who makes them feel better about doing business with them” – Shep Hyken, American customer service expert and author.

In today’s hyper competitive market, relying only on traditional methods will make customers feel like outsiders; rather, companies need to take up more innovative ways to reach out to their tech savvy customers. Of all late technologies out there, virtual reality is the most promising and competent one to connect with your customers efficiently by adding compelling interactive interface features, which would definitely drive sales. Undoubtedly, VR is the essential tool to deliver a unique digital customer experience for businesses. Committed towards creating persuasive digital interactions, Business Mobility 3D Reality(BuMo3DR),an expert in VR/AR technology, develops high level of immersive solutions using VR/AR for companies and corporate and assist them to achieve greater customer engagement and get more value addition.

BuMo3DR is incepted with a vision to design and develop customer centric interactive digital tools that
"BuMo3DR is incepted with a vision to design and develop customer centric interactive digital tools that empower sales and marketing teams to engage their customers in an immersive environment"

empower sales and marketing teams to engage their customers in an immersive environment. The tech nerds at BuMo3DR are enthusiastic about and addicted to creating cutting edge 3D software and hardware solutions like MultiTouch Screens, Haptic Sensors, Stereoscopic Displays, Immersive Environments, VR, AR and Custom Gadgets. They are specialized in technologies like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Hololens, Google Cardboard and many more.“Our company is a one-stop-solution provider.If clients want to do video, VR, gamification, animation or voice over all these services are done at BuMo3DR and more importantly, we deliver these solutions in a faster turnaround time. We also create life-like, mobile virtual versions of your product to enhance design, sales and marketing through product education and understanding. From traditional ppt, pdf and linear animated videos, our clients have transformed their business by using BuMo3DR gaming technology to move into the digital platform with interactive animations and virtual digital technologies,”says Sridharan Thyagarajan, President and Founder, BuMo3DR.

Based in Chennai,BuMo3DR employs latest visualization technologies to create fully immersive experiences that lead to better understanding of concepts
and better retention of information via multi-sensory simulation. Paying a great deal of attention to customer preferences, this avant-garde VR firm efficiently makes every possible effort to serve the best of its services. “BuMo3DR’s USP is their ability to build long lasting customer Relationships," Sridharan reveals.“In each project, we don’t merely approach our clients and present our solutions; instead of that, we work with them, understand their pain points and find the best possible solutions for them. And finally, after a thorough analysis, our R&D team comes up with high quality and innovative solutions. For more convenience, we also offer remote diagnostic,in which clients can review and adapt product visuals or models through our advanced software systems from any where any time. That’s how BuMo3DR renders prompt and high quality customer services and becomes different from other players in the market.”

Established in 2013,today, the company is in its fifth year of successful journey. Over these years, BuMo3DR has been able to bag a good number of clients mainly in healthcare, manufacturing and retail sectors from different parts of the world. “Our business is growing organically at an impressive growth rate along with a substantial improvement in in-house technologies. In this journey, we could acquire some multibillion dollar companies as our clients. Moving forward, BuMo3DR’s focus will be on hardware development, which would push more people to take over AR/VR and meanwhile we are planning to expand the business, ”Sridharan concludes.