BMEC Imaging: Long-Standing Pioneers in the Procurement and Refurbished Industry

Godfrey Earnest,FounderThe refurbished market for consumer electronics is one of the largest in the tech space making it impossible to ignore. BMEC Imaging is one of the longstanding pioneers in the procurement and distribution of a wide range of specialized medical imaging equipment, including refurbished cardiac catheterization labs, computer tomography equipment, and magnetic resonance imaging equipment. India's re-furbished market's tremendous growth, especially regarding medical imaging equipment, puts BMEC in a uniquely advantageous position, having had an early start in establishing a broad client base throughout the country.

With each new installation, BMEC's strategies are regularly reviewed based on experience thus far, providing a unique balance of prospective and retrospective approaches to the organization's business strategy. The organization's core team has spent more than a decade analyzing this business, which has provided BMEC with a rare wealth of market and product expertise that has helped secure a leading position in the refurbished industry.

Wide Range of Offerings by a Team of Exceptional Professionals
The organization's in-house team of over 50 skilled biomedical engineers stationed pan-India, ready to provide on-the-go assistance, speaks of the technical team's strength to provide successful and timely after-sales support. Positive endorsements from the client base across the country is the unique selling point of the organization.
Without their confidence and support over the years, BMEC Imaging could not have achieved such tremendous growth. "We proudly say that our years of commitment and targeted services have made us industry leaders for installation and commissioning of refurbished Philips, Siemens, and GE cardiac catheterization labs," says Godfrey E.S, Director, BMEC Imaging. In addition to these, BMEC offers GE Innova 2000, GE Innova 2100, Siemens Artis Zee, Siemens Axiom Artis dFA, Philips Allura, XPer FD10/10, Philips Allura XPer FD20, and Phillips Allura FC, refurbished 16 slices CTs including GE Light speed Pro16, Philips Brilliance 16-slice CT, Scan systems, and Siemens Somatom, Emotion 16 CT; and refurbished 64 slice CTs including, Siemens Somatom, Definition AS 64, Siemens Somatom Sensation 64, and Philips Brilliance 64-slice CT Scan systems, MRI equipment (refurbished Philips Achieva-1.5T DS, Philips Ingenia 1.5T, and Philips Achieva 3T machines).

Chandrasekar, Director

Delivers Top-Notch Customer Satisfaction
To provide the best user experience, BMEC Imaging's equipment is sourced from OEM-approved sites worldwide that are seldom used, with original spare parts, installed by qualified engineers, thus ensuring longevity and product quality. Considering that the procurement window for the organization's refurbished equipment in terms of age, usage, and condition of the machine is more or less uniform to ensure quality, the price is fixed as per industry norms compared with the new machine. The organization's products come with a 1-2-year warranty, following which they are maintained under CMC/AMC contracts as per the customer's requirement for the subsequent years.

The growth of BMEC Imaging in the sector has been immense, and this achievement could not have been accomplished without the customers' unwavering support. The organization is looking to expand into new product horizons this year and is looking forward to new heights in the coming year. The future of the refurbished market in medical imaging equipment in India is bright and prospective, and BMEC is geared up with a full team of engineers, market analysts, and executives to bring the best-refurbished equipment to the customers.