BlueSemi: Empowering Technology to Sense Life through Zero Power Intelligent System

Sunil Kumar Maddikatla ,  Founder & CEO
Sunil Kumar Maddikatla
Founder & CEO

As trends keep changing in technology sector, the semiconductor industry has been the first one to feel the impact of the shift, as 'innovation' starts there. The industry is undergoing its fourth technology shift towards AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), which led the industry to report double-digit year over year growth. BlueSemi, headquartered in Hyderabad, is a pure Research and Development organization determined to provide technology independent, scalable, high accuracy and low cost analog and digital IPs. As a R&D company, it works in VLSI domain and aims to build robust, high accuracy, low area and zero-power chips targeted for IoT (Internet of Things), Automation and Wearable technologies. The company’s target area includes sensors, sensor interfaces, power management blocks and energy harvesters. BlueSemi’s products range includes Energy Harvesters, Real Time Clock, Multi Sensor Network, Zero Power Intelligent System and Battery Assisted Technology.
"BlueSemi provides sensors, time management, power management and sensor interface to IoT, Wearable Technology and Automation Vehicles"

Enabling Zero Power Technology
While the semiconductor industry has enjoyed consistent growth over the decades, BlueSemi has designed the unique ZPIS (Zero Power Intelligent System) which lowers the power consumption to improve the life of the devices and reduces the battery charge & discharge cycles. ZPIS does not need power source as they have multi energy harvesting system (WiFi /temperature/ambient light) and ultra low power IPs inside, which has full system power consumption of 300 nW. Additionally, the supports Battery Assisted Technology (BAT) which maintains high battery levels, by almost six times more than the normal. This is because it has in built sleep /active mode control for ultra low power consumption. Along with this, the company is working towards providing ultra low power custom application specific IPs. Its real purpose is to provide ultra-low power operation even at high voltages. The design inside is first of its kind to consume a stable minimal operation current of 2nA for a supply voltage varying from 0.5 mV to 3V. The variation in the current during the supply sweep is only 30pA.

Advanced Sensing Technology
BlueSemi provides sensors, time management, power management and sensor interface to IoT, Wearable Technology and Automation Vehicles.
Currently, IoT devices require sensors to be as accurate as possible within a larger radius of area and at the same time consume less power to be efficient. BlueSemi provides an exact match of cutting edge technology for IoT applications through their temperature sensors. It can be used to monitor the processor of health and warn or implement optimization algorithms as and when required, based on the temperature information. Similarly, Wearable technology has stirred the market with generations alike using to connect themselves with web. BlueSemi plants IP ready ultra low power sub threshold technology designs with least footprint & power consumption.

Furthermore, where all technologies has flourished in past few years, self-parking, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane keeping are some of technologies that have leapt into the market. With the increase in the demand for automation technology, BlueSemi chip sensors are a right fit for the autonomous industry. Their unique and efficient linear approximation sensor designs operate over military grade temperatures making BlueSemi the most suitable supplier of sensors and power management IPs in the autonomous space.

With such cost effective advanced sub-threshold technology for IoT, Automation, Wearable technologies, and their exceptional ZPIS, BlueSemi is further trying to drive small process unit for multiple tasking which will try to imitate human sensing network with zero power in the years to come.