Binary Informatics: End to End Digital Transformation through Blockchain Services

Ravi Vats ,Business Development Manager

Binary Informatics Team

The blockchain technologies are at the peak of hype, research, and debate for tech giants and large corporations across the world. As it was last year, there are whole new sets of blockchain benefits and blockchain trends which will be followed by blockchain development companies and businesses in 2019. Established in 2015, and based out of Noida & San Francisco, Binary Informatics has been providing full life cycle product development services on cutting edge technologies and niche areas. For the past 2 years, the company has been working tirelessly on Blockchain projects. Binary has successfully delivered more than 20 blockchain projects with 100 percent results. The projects encompassed complete Blockchain product development, customized Blockchain development, & migration. As a technology and Digital Product Service company, Binary Informatics has show cased its expertise in a plethora of areas in blockchain, which include ICO Development, dApps Development, Cryptoside – Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain and R3.
Binary oversees and creates end-to-end digital solutions for adapting the blockchain ecosystem. The company designs customized, blockchain - based build that demonstrates both the viability of the technology while providing a mechanism to measure business impact. Binary Informatics made a framework of a Blockchain which effectively handles artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet of things and web security.

"Binary Informatics optimizes business process and helps clients collaborate in a decentralized and trusted manner"

Company is helping their clientele & partners across globe in versatile industry.

One can procure Binary’s blockchain developer to build a smart contract, Blockchain service network, crypto currency development, bitcoin, and ICO improvement to make the best component and easy to understand services to access on every OS.

Binary Informatics offers a plethora of services including Smart contracts, Supply chain management,and ICO services.

Smart Contracts
A smart contract is a set of digital computer protocols created in order to validate conditions of a legal contract between businesses. Higher security and reduction in transaction costs of contracting process is what makes smart contracts beneficial for businesses.
Binary Informatics creates private, secure, and reliable smart contract solutions for businesses that are secure and provide you with the right business foundation.

Supply chain management
Blockchain is a proven new concept for supply chain management and efficiency advancement. Binary Informatics optimizes business process and helps clients collaborate in a decentralized and trusted manner. The company’s business model and blockchain technology is capable of clarifying the supply-chain traceability.

ICO service
An initial coin offering, or ICO, is a fundraising strategy in which a blockchain team sells their project’s underlying crypto currency in exchange for the funds they need to create the platform. Generally, those funds consist of bitcoin, ether or both. Binary Informatics’ crypto currency development service ensures full cycle technology from token design and SEO smart contract ICO smart contracts.

Leadership comprises of serial entrepreneur and IIT alumni that aims to grow Blockchain as a strong business unit of company and grow as leading lab in Blockchain space.

Rigorous PMO and proactive management of overall efforts are few of Binary’s differentiating factors. Being a client-oriented software development company, Binary Informatics intends to continue providing ultramodern applications, and high-quality services & software products.