BFX CGI: Facilitating the Entertainment Industry in Producing Marvellous Movies, Series & Features

Ambar Nair, Founder & Owner, Thup Nair, Co-Owner

Thup Nair, Co-Owner
Ambar Nair, Founder & Owner

The 3D animation has given life to our illusion heroes through Superman, Batman, and more. Be it Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man or any other marvel movie, 3D has brought a new revolution in the entertainment industry. This upheaval gave enduring experiences to the audience, thanks to the impeccable 3D animation service providers, who were able to bring the director’s ideas on the screen. BFX CGI is one such 3D animation service provider.

Whether it’s a high-profile advertising campaign or design & production for any CG animated film, BFX facilities customers in crafting their unique visionary project. Its avant-garde artists craft characters, environments and worlds to capture the beauty of the storyline in all its detail. With these artists, BFX gives life to filmmaker’s script and enables them to give enduring experience to the audience. “Our USP is our versatility. We have the competence to adapt to client studios’ CG pipelines, and to any technical solutions. We adapt to the client’s needs and our artists
are up-to-date with the latest features of the various tools,” adds Ambar Nair, Owner, BFX CGI, who utilizes his 19 years of experience in the same space to deliver sterling services. It’ this flexible approach that thrusts BFX’s customers to continue working with it.

"We have the competence to adapt to client studios’ CG pipelines, and to any technical solutions"

Adopting to World's Diversity
This adaptability has established BFX as an internationally acclaimed CG animation studio having worked on over 16 international animated features over the last 12 years and is among the few eastern region companies who have achieved this feat. For instance, it has been serving KinoAtis (Russia), since 2008 having worked on two of their series and three features, with one currently in production. Last year, it worked on two Danish features ‘The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear’ & ‘Hodja and the Flying Carpet’. Recently, the company has worked on several German productions, Television commercials, and features. BFX has also worked for a Ukranian movie – ‘The Stolen Princess’, a feature that was released in India in 2018, the team got to watch their work in the local cinemas.

A Holistic Company
BFX is a one-stop-shop offering complete CGI production & consulting for 3D animated television series, feature films prerendered game cinematics in
the areas of 3D Modeling/Texturing/Surfacing, 3D Pre-Visualization, 3D Animation, Lighting & Rendering, Compositing, and CG Pipeline Development & Consulting. The company that possesses a gleaming & experienced team of modellers, animators and creative artists covers all major artistic & technical areas of the CG pipeline – production management, technology, animation and rendering. Through these services, it creates CG animation, covering all aspects of the 3D pipeline for CG animated movies, television series, video games and commercials.

Having worked with such corpus productions worldwide speaks of its versatility, and for this, BFX has won many accolades globally. Besides having won several awards & nominations at international film festivals in 2017 for its CG animated short film – ‘Running Lights’,it has received appreciation for producing sets & characters (model/texture/shade) for the feature – ‘Another Day of Life’. To grip its throne, the company aims to work for more co-productions for global property features and series, especially Netflix & Amazon, in the future. BFX attends all the major conventions like Mipcom, Annecy and more to update itself with the market trends. A knowledge partner for Nanomyte Animation Academy in 2019 to train would-be artists, the company is in the process of adopting emerging technologies like AR & VR.