Avis e Solutions: Solving Current Industry Problems with a Unique Statistical Algorithm

Avneesh Mathur,    Co-Founder & Director
Avneesh Mathur, Co-Founder & Director

IVR systems being the key to creating seamless self-service experience, organizations are increasingly investing in them to reach the desired business quantum by boosting productivity. Today’s IVR solution providers mostly concentrate on integration & introduction of newer functionalities with Web and VoIP, ending-up compromising on performance. This negligence opens the gateway to critical issues like irrelevancy, undue downtime and misrepresentation of options while structuring the IVR design. Contaque NGUCC IVR system, a one-of-a-kind statistical algorithm-based IVR system offered by Avis e Solutions, stands in sharp contrast amidst them with its stark focus on improving the precision & reliability, while the customer care executive handles clients over an ongoing call.

Striving to solve current industry problems, Contaque NGUCC automatically optimizes the wait time and ensures optimized
utilization of every customer service agent’s time and machine. “Our uniquely contextualized IVR system possesses self-learning and evolution capabilities, as it maps the users’ minds. It is a real customer service agent enabler, as it routes calls based on skills and has unique pattern-based routing capabilities. It helps you to be much more productive and accelerate the customer experience for all callers,” explains Avneesh Mathur, Co-Founder & Director, Avis e Solutions.

Business Friendly System
Unlike any other IVR system, Contaque NGUCC is equipped with call routing, forwarding and CRM integration capabilities, which enable the customer service agents to update customer profiles with bank details, stock accounts and much more relevant & critical information. Its customer profiling abilities allow all the call logs and relevant information (like call disposition, number of attempts and queries status) to be stored for rolling back web-based calls. This comes-in handy in case the call drops or a customer follow-up. This highly business-friendly system helps its clients with all the reports & statistical insights to let customer service agents be more productive and solve the queries in least possible turn around time.

Contaque NGUCC’s text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionalities signi-ficantly boosts the customer boosts the customer service agents’ efficiency. Armed with
artificial intelligence and all web & digital capabilities, it helps in maneuvering & customizing the IVR structure dynamically for ensuring never dipping performance. This means businesses can shuffle their IVR systems within a matter of few hours and still be precise with the options & languages which attend a new caller. In fact, it has precise set of options which make an extensive set for reaching-out to the problems faced by the inbound caller. Furthermore, through different swim lanes of IVR flow, this fantastic product is facilitating numerous businesses to successfully manage multiple streams of products & services.

A Complete Solution
Avis specializes in industry relevant CRM software integration and is a master at leveraging customized & dedicated cloud technology solutions for all types of call centers. The company has a firm hold on building & deploying call center solutions and specific functionalities on native & cloud suite servers. Unlike most other IVR systems that focus only on the business half, Avis’ impeccable Contaque NGUCC stands tall as a complete solution equipped with major facilities like auto dialer, ACD and DNC calling software. This dedicated IVR system exponentially improves the degree of interactivity and enhances the customer-side experience with direct benefits as well.