Astralinx: Accelerating Business Transformation Using Cloud Services

 Arul Arasan,    CEO & CTO

Arul Arasan


Forward thinking businesses foresee and plan for future challenges. They lead with purpose and motivate others to innovate and face obstacles straight on. A pea of the same pod is Astralinx, an innovative cloud service provider that is dedicated to helping businesses transform digitally and expand their business horizons. Established in 2001, the company is known for its advisory and business transformation services.

Astralinx's advisory services are designed to meet Private Equity and Portfolio Companies demanding priorities and align their short term goals with long term transaction objectives. It delivers complete end-to-end solutions for our customers, from validating the deal strategy to making the deal successful and realizing maximum value. When it comes to cloud based business transformation services, they offer everything from data analytics to cloud transformation and managed security through unified communication.

As cloud orchestrators, Astralinx provides a great environment for clients to build cloud computing platforms. Astralinx team combines various technologies such as OpenStack, lowcode/nocode applications and software defined networks to offer customized and fully managed cloud solutions. The company's cloud model offers extremely cost-effective and easy to manage software delivery mechanisms on which clients can drive their innovation. "Our dynamic team invests a significant amount of time in analysing how to use cloud technology innovatively and how to make a business more efficient by using the cloud," states Arul Arasan, CEO and CTO of Astralinx.

Unlike others, the company is completely cloud agnostic. They don't try to fit technology for customers' requirements, but
they fit the right cloud solutions that accelerate business growth. "We enable sustainable growth for your business throughcloud transformation and support you to stay ahead of your competition," states Arul. The company works with all the cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Oracle OCI.

Our dynamic team invests a significant amount of time in analysing how to use cloud technology innovatively and how to make a business more efficient by using the cloud

Backed by diverse industry knowledge and professionals' rich cumulative experience, Astralinx is well positioned to offer innovative methods and the right data to serve its customers. Talking about business transformation, Arul says "Most of our clients in today's business world lack strategy knowledge on how to deal with the cloud technology and are not aware when to transform." Astralinx takes into account clients' organizational requirements for visibility, control, and physical data proximity to suggest the best service. The team ensures that the cloud infrastructure platforms that the clients receive is reliable and optimized. With its proactive approach, the company prevents problems that may occur in the cloud environment even before they cause any trouble. The services are designed to deliver faster deployment or migration with negligible to no downtime.

With such capabilities and boutique services, the company has helped several clients such as US based Insurance Company, Global Retail Luxury Brand migration, and more to the cloud space and provide transformation into the digital world. By applying engineering principles to cloud solutions, Astralinx helps clients in improving their speed-to-market, productivity, and customer and employee satisfaction. Realise the true potential of your business with continuous innovation with our Cloud Engineering services.

For the road ahead, the company is planning to combine Advisory and Business Transformation to be able to deliver high value Cloud Services. Astralinx is also looking to strengthen its partnerships by delivering quality and timely services. The company's overall vision is to be the Boutique Services Provider that focuses on business growth rather than technology growth in being a true transformation provider.