ALBUM Semiconductors: Memory is in the DNA

Dr. Sudhir S. Moharir, Founder,  Vasudev Nese Chaya, Founder

Dr.Sudhir S. Moharir, Founder

Memory chip manufacturing is a very capital intensive process requiring significant investments in expensive, specialized tools, skill sets as well as in space. Now that the industry is migrating to a more advanced chip manufacturing technology, it requires designs to be first time right to actually produce chips using the latest technology in a cost effective manner. In today’s semiconductor world with technology shrinking to 7nm and 5nm the demand for service providers helping the ecosystem has become significant. ALBUM Semiconductors was founded by Dr. Sudhir S. Moharir and Vasudev Nese Chaya in May, 2015. Album Semiconductors leverages the knowledge of cutting edge process technologies through well-established process nodes to provide end-to-end design services focused on memory design. Album Semiconductors has become a sought out services partner to develop power efficient, high speed and area efficient memory designs with high yields.

The Beginning
Started with a humble size of 10 engineers in 2015 and one key customer to focus on, Album Semiconductors, as of today caters to a 10+ Tier1 customers with 70+ engineers on board. Album Semiconductors is diversifying to
deliver complete end-to-end design solutions to Album’s clients. Album Semiconductor’s current capabilities include complete Memory Design, SoC and IP Verification, Analog, Physical Design and DFT Services. The team has expertise in technology nodes ranging from 7nm to 65nm. Album Semiconductors is now working to create an ecosystem of partnerships with IP and foundry partners to offer services from specification to working silicon in Memory Domain.“Our differentiating factor has been our deep domain expertise, access to EDA tools and infrastructure in-house, our training methodologies and our partnerships with clients, which has enabled us to successfully deliver several multi-million gate memory designs in advanced technology nodes”, says Dr. Sudhir.

"Album Semiconductors has become a sought out services partner to develop power efficient, high speed and area efficient memory designs with high yields"

Nourishing the Talent
To keep up with the latest technologies, Album Semiconductors has deployed a great talent pool working onsite, offshore with foundries and industry leading teams to help stay abreast with the latest trends. Album Semiconductors invests heavily in training its workforce with latest tools and having them attend workshops and conferences. This gives a unique capability to help clients develop products and support in ODC model as well. Album Semiconductors also has an internal patent portfolio for the clients to leverage along with their own methodologies to have a robust product development.
Growing Customer Base
All these years Album Semiconductors has focused internally to build their in-house infrastructure, capabilities & training methods and therefore ensures to understand every individual client’s needs, evaluate options and propose multiple alternate solutions to keep the client engaged at all levels. Depending on the customer needs,the company offers multiple delivery models, including Resource Augmentation, Turnkey, ODC, and Design Develop & Transfer, to engage with the clients globally. This is reflected by Album’s growing clientele including the top tier fabless semiconductor companies, leading IP companies, and EDA companies too.

Vasudev Nese Chaya, Founder

The capabilities and decadal experience has fetched Album Semiconductors a YOY growth of 500 percent in revenues for the year 2018. In 2019, Album Semiconductors wishes to triple the revenue and work on more ODC projects, while further delivering Album’s technological know-how across countries like USA, Europe and East Asia. Album Semiconductors envisions becoming an end-to-end design house for the memory world.