Aidio: Endorsing Interactive Communication in Display Signage

Chetan Patil ,  CEOPeople who walk up and down covering the length and breadth of a shopping mall would have possibly glued their eyes on the captivating display boards that flashes enticing images and videos of the products subjected to advertisement. To make such audience pause and grab the attention is onerous and won't workjust because of the content of the advertisement in the display, but the quality too. Aidio, a brand of Aiddition Technologies, enters the competition of this very market of delivering quality content through display signage using its OEM products that has a special add on for its interactive feature. The company which is based out of Bangalore has a unique feature of customized as well as behavioural interactive digital signage.

Befriending In store Advertisements
Today's digital signage compels an extra some thing to capture the attention of an ordinary city dweller. For many digital signage solution providers, interactive display would be a monitor with touch overlays connected to CPU. Where as Aidio manufactures all in one interactive digital signage displays providing both interactive
digital signage displays as well as software. The other OEM products that Aidio has include wide bar type advertising displays, feedback management, QMS, and VMS. Aidio has partnered with major global players in display technologies, electronics industry and Artificial Intelligence to provide reliable and latest technological enhancements for the products. Aidio caters products such as touch, voice, and behavioural interactive digital signage. Moreover, the company possesses expertise in smart interfaces with android platform and customized design in each level of product designing.

Aidio manufactures all-in-one interactive digital signage displays providing both interactive digital signage displays as well as software

Now, the advantages of digital signage displays go well beyond the usual colourful and clarity imaging it offers. Aidio Interactive Display will allow onlookers to become participants, and thereby opens up huge possibilities for advertising as well as delivering services, thereby allowing retailers to collect consumer data which helps in analytics and fore casting. The company has clients across various industries and organisations including Hatti coffee, Wagonfly, Siemens & Bosch Brand Store, Vertusa, Ammas pastries, and Pheonix Mall. Uses technologies such as AI, cloud based applications, interactive displays etc. The company allocates inbuilt infrastructure for R& D in interactive electronics, integration of hardware, software and power components, integration of display panel and touch screen modules in clean room setup, and testing for finished products.

Since the retail businesses are hunting for various options to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, the requirement to embrace display technology cannot be omitted. Aidio is currently working on an in store interactive product which brings online experience in an offline setup. As digital signage continues to evolve, trends in the digital technology environment pursue to infuse better analytics and more robust hardware into its products. To keep pace with the dynamic digital signage market, Aidio foresees to delve customer inputs based on their challenges, and prevail on trends in technology to stay updated in the digital technology domain.