Imaginarium: A Platform Metamorphosing Client's Concepts into Reality via End-to-End Consulting & Manufacturing

Tanmay Shah,Innovations

Tanmay Shah


Despite the advent of profuse 3D printers and technologies, many businesses grapple with either transforming their product design ideas into reality, converting their 2D design into a 3D model, or choosing the right technology to mass manufacture a bulk of products. Hand holding all these businesses aspiring to venture into 3D product designing, Imaginarium delineates itself as one of India’s largest 3D printing and advanced manufacturing companies spread out across disparate application areas. The firm assists start-ups that can’t even get their first physical prototype or afford a machine by deploying its knowledge bank enriched with in-house infrastructure of 3D printers (20+ types) and strategic investments in procurement of cutting-edge technologies and new machines from different OEMs. “In fact, we present our pivotal assets–infrastructure, resources, knowledge bank and a proficient team to establish a platform for transmuting each of our client’s idea into reality with end-to-end expertise and manufacturing,” expresses Tanmay Shah, Innovations, Imaginarium.

At Imaginarium, the strategy of 3D printing has always been to
constantly cross-pollinate its lessons and learnings from one field into another in order to procure a variety of experts from different application areas and also cater automotives, OEMs, jewellery manufacturers, doctors, surgeons, architects, students, medical practitioners and other clients. Splintering the firm, one can observe that each chunk represents a small company specialized in a particular domain that can be cross leveraged with each other to bestow clients a breadth of offerings under one roof.

At Imaginarium, the strategy of 3D printing has always been to constantly cross-pollinate its lessons and learnings from one field into another

Deft Business Verticals
Catering to the jewellery designers, manufacturers and retailers, Imaginarium Precious BU employs 3D printing, metal casting, stone setting, finishing and other processes to convert all their concepts/designs into physical end-usable products in a variety of materials like gold, silver and bronze. Available via an e-Commerce website, clients can leverage these services by creating an account and uploading their design, choosing any material from 140+ combinations, visualizing the final design in 3D and placing the requisite number of orders just by sitting at home. On the other hand, Imaginarium Rapid BU is a one-stop-shop offering end-to-end small batch manufacturing services
that entail single prototype designing till making of first batch physical products through 3D printing, vacuum casting, CNC milling and soft tooling.

Associating with doctors, surgeons and hospitals, Imaginarium Life BU provides patient-specific solutions for various operations, diagnostic services, anatomical models, surgical guides, prosthetics, orthotics, artificial implants and many more. For instance, the firm created a perfect fitting customized implant 3D printed in Titanium for a patient who had lost her skull, instead of a flat Titanium plate that would leave a dent and induce a lot of psychological stigma in her.

On the other hand, Imaginarium’s team of consultants assist clients in finding the right printer/material/software to begin 3D printing via Solutions BU. While its Academy BU organizes a lot of educational, training & outreach programs, workshops and long & short duration courses to start-ups, school, college or company, Imaginarium’s Ventures BU acts as a metamorphosis cafe that helps these people in setting up their own 3D printing experience center.

Pre-eminent for using the first HP 3D printer, Imaginarium resells industrial printers to interested companies and also delivers manufacturing services to clients who want to set up a new 3D printing facility with their own 3D printers. Growing its revenue at 30 percent YOY since the last few years, the firm envisions to double it in the next three years and welcomes anyone interested in 3D printing to have a first-hand experience in its state-of-the-art facility at Mumbai.