Siliciom Technologies: Providing End-to-End Solutions to Semiconductor Industry

Vineela Reddy,    FounderThe Government of India has intervened in the semiconductor market in India to fast-track chip manufacturing. This has acted as a nudge to a rise in the number of startups taking place and the Indian market is estimated to touch $63 billion by 2026. Established on June 20, 2018, Siliciom Technologies is a fast-growing start-up company backed by energetic management that keeps the team thriving.

The customer is the core focus of Siliciom and it places its best foot forward for providing the best customer experience. The services of the company include - RTL Design, Design Verification, Physical Design, Design for Test, Formal Verification, Turnkey (owning the complete project deliverables from spec to GDSII), and providing end-to-end customer support from planning to the execution stage. The company complies with all standards and norms while serving its customers across the globe with its team spread across all fields of VSLI.

The best Design Verification Team with hands-on experience over the edge-cutting technology is and having worked with complex chip developing OEM on their flagship products is all that makes Siliciom a class apart among all its contemporaries in the field. “Our team has experience on 5g and IOT hands-on and successfully supported multiple clients on the technologies', says Vineela Reddy the founder of Siliciom, who aspires to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive industry.
Hand holding Clients through the Process
The customers require all the assistance required in their product development cycle and are dependent upon the seamless experience making their first silicon chip a success. At Siliciom Technologies, the team dedicates itself towards working as per the customer requirements and specifications. This requires putting the right person on the right job and hence, a project head is assigned accordingly that has the perfect matching experience and can help achieve the set targets, thus making the product development cycle easier.

Siliciom is capable of handling the complete turnkey process of a product from design support to fabrication delivery

The team at Siliciom is working on the latest cutting-edge technologies starting from highspeed processor/peripherals, AI engines, Low power RisCV processors/ 5G and IoT applications. The team is perfectly capable of implementing Formal verification on the processor verification and adapting to the customer flows.

The company focuses on building a world class company employing the best talent and servicing the top-notch technology companies, delivering valued engineering services. The aim is to build a customer centric organization and to be recognized as a trusted employer. Further aiming towards high net worth and profitability and help the customers to build effective and efficient solutions.

End-To-End Project Management
Siliciom Technologies started with a team of 3 engineers currently growing exponentially in engineers headcount and all our engineers working across all domains of the semiconductor industry. The team successfully delivered full-fledged verification of a RISCV processor starting from planning to complete verification closure for the customer. “We successfully taped out next generation 5G chipset for one of our potential customers”, says Vineela.

Siliciom currently stands at a turnover of above a million dollars and the plan for 2022-2023 is double our revenue and grow exponential in the headcount.

Siliciom Technologies started with the vision of providing the best industry services and a pool of engineers to customers to suffice the growing needs of the industry and work on cutting-edge technology and evolving projects. The company is currently staying focussed on its turnover and expanding geographically. It has engineers spread across branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Canada.