• Achronix Semiconductor: Enabling Data Acceleration Via High-Performance FPGAS And EFPGA IP
  • 10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies - 2022

    The India Government is focused on boosting the semiconductor manufacturing in India and it can go a long way in the country as a global hub for the development of electronics goods and creating a job for attracting investments from top firms in the world. India is helping with schemes for boosting the manufacturing of semiconductors that are an integral part of modern tech products, which include cars, electronic gadgets, and even medical devices. Also, electronic manufacturing is helping the country in reducing imports of gadgets or products and boosting semiconductor production bringing in massive investments and creating a large number of jobs. The scheme to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing is a massive strategic advantage for the semiconductor ecosystem, ranging...

10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Achronix Semiconductor Achronix Semiconductor Namit Varma, Sr. Director of the India Technology Center A renowned provider of Speedster 7t FPGAs, Speedcore Embedded FPGA IP, VectorPath Accelerator Card and Achronix Tool Suite
Alpha   Numero Alpha Numero Hari Patel, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President Abrand of ANTS Global Systems, Alpha-Numero is a complete solutions technology and engineering services provider, providing tangible solutions to all its clients based on the latest technology.
ASM Technologies ASM Technologies Gurudath G, Manager - Engineering Offers lucrative services and products in Outsourced Product Development, Product Engineering & Design, Project Management Consultancy and Cloud Services
Broadcom Broadcom Noirriekta Joseph, Director Profile Provider of excellent services and products in Bluetooth Solutions, Cable Modems, Knowledge-based Processors, Satellite & IPTV STBs, xDSL, EPON,Enterprise/SMB/Core Switching, GbE, GPS, Mobile and Communications
Chiplogic Technologies Chiplogic Technologies Ajay Shanker, Co-Owner Profferer of effective services and products in IP, Semiconductors, Embedded Systems, Product Engineering Services, and VISARD framework
Continental Device India Continental Device India Gurpreet Singh, Founder Recognized for providing products of All Devices Rectifiers, Diodes, Transistors,Power Transistors, Metal Can, Triacs & SCRs, Regulators, TVS, IC Devices and MOSFETs
HORIBA HORIBA Dr. Rajeev Gautam, President - HORIBA India A world class provider of Automotive Test Systems, Process & Environmental, Medical, Semiconductor, and Scientific
MosChip Technologies MosChip Technologies Giri Kondaveeti, Co-Founder A one stop shop for SOC, ASIC, FPGA, PCB, Design, Verification, Synthesis, IoT Services, IoT, Systems, Testing, remote monitoring, M2M, IoT Analytics, and RTL Design
Saankhya Labs Saankhya Labs Parag Naik, CEO An impeccable provider of 5G NR, 5G Broadcast, Cognitive RAN Solution & Satcom Solutions
Siliciom Technologies Siliciom Technologies Vineela Reddy, Founder A topnotch provider of services and products in RTL Design, Design Verification , Physical Design, Design for Test and Formal Verification