Alpha - Numero: Devising Unique Strategies to Help your Business Grow

 Hari Patel,    Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Hari Patel

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Abrand of ANTS Global Systems, Alpha-Numero is a complete solutions technology and engineering services provider, providing tangible solutions to all its clients based on the latest technology. Encompassing a gamut of technological solutions in its portfolio, Alpha-Numero helps industries grow by developing and implementing customized strategies and providing ontime delivery of these tailor-made solutions of the utmost quality. Catering to a wide array of industries including aerospace and defense, automotive, telecommunication, medical and healthcare, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, BFSI, and retail and e-commerce, they have a lot of varied services including Embedded hardware & software as well as Application Software solutions which different industries need from time to time.

Among the various services provided, the broad range of services that Alpha-Numero has expertise in include semiconductor services, software services, avionics design and development, BI and data analytics, cloud computing, SAP, internet of things, product engineering, technology consulting, and advisory. Within each of these broad heads, Alpha-Numero provides an assortment of services and solutions and customizes the combinations of solutions provided on the basis of the client’s needs and requirements. Established in 2016, Alpha-Numero Technologies focused on creating a quality range of solutions that
would benefit their clients. Through dedicated work and focus on gaining expertise, they have been able to grow so quickly and gain a global presence.

Innovation at its Best
Recognized as a niche engineering services company, providing end-to-end solutions to enterprises, Alpha-Numero has a reputation for dispensing relevant and effective solutions at all stages of a fullcycle project. With a client-centric approach, they tackle every challenge with a keen eye for innovation. This drive is fueled by their desire to achieve their main goal of ensuring that the clients see a visible development and that their solutions produce the best ROI for the clients. With their passion for providing the best services, in record time, they also boast of their capabilities of executing turnkey projects that come with critical time constraints. With their strategies of constantly focusing on R&D; they have been able to restart or pull up business for a lot of their clients.

Alpha-Numero provides an assortment of services and solutions, and customizes the combinations of solutions provided on the basis of the client’s needs and requirement

AlphaNumero is equipped with a team of experts providing genius solutions that meet the technological challenges of customers head-on. Known for its end-to-end product and platform engineering services, Alpha-Numero, helps enterprises boost their speed to innovation through their various products and services.

This desire for achieving perfection is guided by their core values of learning and respecting. Alpha-Numero was built on the foundational idea that technology is ever evolving, thus an inquisitive mind, that helps this company learn more, grow more, and be on top of their trade is something that they pride themselves in. Another core value of respecting their work, clients as well as society as a whole has also led them to become a trusted name in this domain. They respect and value the time and effort their clients are putting in and thus constantly strive to produce the best results in the shortest span of time so that their clients can start reaping the benefits of these innovative solutions quickly.

With a wide experience, strong ethics, and a dedicated team Alpha- Numero is set to continually grow in this domain, further expand its reach and visibility in the global market and become the biggest name in the technological solutions industry.