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  • 10 Most Promising GPS Tracking System Providers ­ 2022

    GPS Tracking system has become an inevitable part in today's tech-oriented world. Today, we are unable to think of travelling without google map o guide us. Driving and travelling has become so easy with the google map guiding us through shortest routes, showing us hotels, restaurants and petrolpump locations, thus making our journey much more easier and safe. GPS tracking device is generally used to track the movement of vehicles, people, or assets and are used to track and determine the current location. It helps to get exact location of people, vehicles, or any type of products. The location of a moving person or moving vehicle is stored in GPS and transmitted to others through an internet connection. The collected data can be viewed as maps through internet. GPS tracing...

10 Most Promising GPS Tracking System Providers ­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acumen Tracker Acumen Tracker Mohammad Zubair , Founder Leading brand in the field of vehicle tracking services, committed to extend the security for the vehicles, and minimize the vehicles theft cases all over the county
Ajjas Ajjas Gaurav Verma, CEO A technology-driven solution provider, enabling safe, happy & connected commute by making each vehicle intelligent & smart
Autowiz Autowiz Kamal Aggarwal , Co-Founder & CEO Scalable and versatile vehicle data analytics platform solutions include Location Intelligence Solutions, Driving Beheviour Analysis and Vehicle Health Diagnostics
Lamrod Supreme Lamrod Supreme Navneet Choudhary, Founder Fastest growing Fleet-Tech Company, helps you to locate your vehicles accurately from your mobile app
Livetraq Livetraq Chukka Bala Prasanna, Co-Founder & COO Offers wide range of solutions which includes Fuel Monitoring Solution, Fleet Management Solution, Fleet Dashcam Solution, and School Bus Management Solutions
Onelap Onelap Shubham Choudhary, Co-Founder A software company with powerful fleet management and intelligence platform that enables end-users and businesses across many different verticals and markets to track
Safekar Safekar Vikas Minda, Co-Founder Offers a wide range of Real-Time GPS Tracking Solutions that fits every budget leading GPS tracking systems who have the best in class car trackers, Fleet trackers and more
Spotrack Spotrack Ankkit Kumar Sogani , Founder & CEO Provides a comprehensive digital solution for asset tracking, in-house development of IoT hardware, and affordable asset digitalization
True Tracking True Tracking Dhruva Prakash Pindukuri, Director A leading provider of Surveillance and tracking Solutions with hand-on experience of 25 years in building electro magnetic display boards
Uffizio Uffizio Tushar Bhagat, CEO A best-in-market GPS Tracking Software development company, provides various cloud-based solutions for the different types of business and software services in B2B market worldwide ever since its inception