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  • 10 Most Promising Digital Signage Solution Providers - 2021

    From the visual aspects to the useful and creative contents, digital signage in India has been one of the prime mediums for advertising or information display. Digital signage won the market at $328.79 million in 2016 and the forecasts done show that it is poised to reach $906.65 million by the end of the year 2022 (in terms of reach). The joyful dimensions of the digital signage market, utilized to increase the creative positive flow about products' or services' dynamics in a few words or sentences accompanied by ecstatic art pieces, is helping in boosting the Digital India initiative of the government. On-road advertisement, digital display bars or screens in different platforms are augmenting the industry growth of digital signage. Alike other industries, the digital...

10 Most Promising Digital Signage Solution Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aiddition Aiddition Kumara Swamy Kariyappa, Bengaluru With its own products of all in one interactive displays, interactive applications, and digital signage, the company is solving problems of the vertical
Bitsydisplays.com Bitsydisplays.com Ayesha Villait & Satish Villait, Directors One-stop-shop for consistent and reliable solutions driven by cutting-edge technologies
Digital Signage India Pickcel Digital Signage India Pickcel Rajesh Bhattacharjee, CEO & Co-Founder Provider of digital signage solutions like digital, advertising, marketing, branding, digital out of home
DS Techworks Solutions DS Techworks Solutions Deepak Chhabra, CEO Offers digital signage solutions like digital signage, interactive display solutions, digital experience centres, experiential marketing solutions, digital menu boards, transparent screens, mirror displays, video wall processors, kiosks and more
Emagen TV Emagen TV Chetan Mehan, Founder Apart from digital signage software and hardware, the company is also very active in the space of Interactive and Non-Interactive kiosks and provide hardware, structure fabrication and content development services
ESSMARK Technologies ESSMARK Technologies Ashok Kumar Nuthalapati, CEO It is one of the leading providers of LED and LCD digital screen solutions in India with impeccable solutions of digital,manufacture,installation and maintenance
Liberal Systems Liberal Systems Iqraruddin Gayasuddin Syed & Tushar Sharad, Directors In addition to excellent digital signage solutions the company offers corner display, advertising LED video wall, LED video wall cabinates, outdoor LED video wall and LED van, curve outdoor LED video wall, full color LED video controller receiving card
Logic Displays Logic Displays Pankaj Bellad, Associate Director The company's highly technically skilled team is providing excellent solutions in digital signage space with suitable visual display content
Ozonet Business Solutions Ozonet Business Solutions Charan, CEO Facilitating solutions like adoption & change management, application services. digital supply chain. managed backup, managed cloud, managed security services, publisher advisory services, and software lifecycle management
Radiant Synage Radiant Synage Venkatesh Sanjeeva Rao, Directors It is a turnkey solution provider for every digital signage requisite including its own products of active LED light walls, video walls, kiosk, digital signage players, digital signage software, touch interactive solutions, display mounts, interactive display pannels, and transparent display