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  • 10 Most Promising Microsoft Partners - 2024

    Unlocking Potential With Microsoft In order to improve the reach and effectiveness of Microsoft's products and services, partners are playing a crucial role. Microsoft's ability to serve a wider and more diverse customer base will be enhanced by these partners, which include resellers, service providers or independent software developers. Their collaboration with Microsoft is not only an enhancement of the capabilities and availability of Microsoft products, but also a significant contributor to global enterprise success. This symbiotic relationship is at the heart of Microsoft's global strategy to offer complete and effective technology solutions. "Enhancing experiences, enabling success by partnering for progress and accelerating growth with...

10 Most Promising Microsoft Partners - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CloudFence CloudFence Subhash Kumar Mishra, CTO Embodies relentless innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence, has become the most sought after microsoft partner today, with a cloud-first approach and a foundation in micro services
Dynamic Group Dynamic Group Bhasker Shah, Founder Pioneer in marketing and supporting leading software programs in the world, specialized in licensed software, cloud solutions, mobility, and consulting and professional services
Intech Systems Intech Systems Deval Parikh, MD, Anuja Parikh, CEO An IT solutions provider Firm, empowering businesses with innovative digital transformation strategies and cutting-edge technology solutions
Leaping Frog Solutions Leaping Frog Solutions Vrushank Mehta, Technical Director Provides microsoft based IT services and products, consultative expertise with best in-class microsoft implementation and deployment, smarter training tools and programs
Noventiq India Noventiq India Atul Ahuja, Chief Technology Officer Global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity enables, facilitates, and accelerates digital transformation for its customer’s businesses
Schwettmann Technologies Schwettmann Technologies Normen Schwettmann, Dilip Kumar Parida, Founders The company offers a wide range of microsoft cloud solutions, including CRM for manufacturing, energy, automobile, banking and telecom industry, providing cutting edge CRM solution with a single view of their customers and more
Sunbridge Software Services Sunbridge Software Services Mangesh Divekar, CEO Microsoft solution partner by extending a comprehensive array of flagship offerings that cater to an evolving business landscape, driven by a commitment to excellence, proven expertise
Techcronus Techcronus Niket Shah, Head - Operations A global provider of enterprise business solutions and custom development services, specialized in fullstack development, power BI, tableau and software development
Voiceback Analytics Voiceback Analytics Manishi Sanwal, Founder A data-driven solutions provider specializing in customer-facing operations, advanced analytics, and innovative product development
Winworld Innovative  Solutions Hub (WISH) Winworld Innovative Solutions Hub (WISH) Amit Dubey, General Manage Microsoft partner solutions entity offering a wide range of development and deployment services on various microsoft platforms