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  • 10 Most Promising Cold Storage Service Providers - 2022

    One of the most effective spaces for handling bulk perishable goods, most prominently fruits and vegetables are Cold Storage. It is the stage of business between production and marketing. Cold Storage is helping in the preservation of such related commodities in a fresh state by controlling the various gases, and maintaining adequate temperature and humidity within the storage system. Cold Storage is applicable in the food industry and various related sectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical fields. In an enveloped world, forecasted by the globalization of technology, the consumption of different products and goods has witnessed a heavy rise in the advantages of cold storage of goods, and delivery of the highest order. Cold Storage is the procedure of storing...

10 Most Promising Cold Storage Service Providers - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arihant Cold Storage Arihant Cold Storage Sanjeev Jain, CEO Optimizing services in Warehousing/Storage, Transport/ Distribution/ Logistics and Affiliations and Accreditation
Ayras Logistics Ayras Logistics Rajnish Parti, Director A fervent provider of Barcode Scanners, Pick-up & Drop, Re-Packing, Labeling, Temperature Controlled Solutions,Monitoring & Validation Services and Cold storage
ColdStar Logistics ColdStar Logistics Shagun Kapur Gogia, Founder & Managing Director An impeccable service provider for Cold Chain India, Refrigerated Transport, Refrigerated Storage, Temperature Controlled Logistics Solutions, Temperature controlled Transport & Storage, Pharmaceutical Logistics
Coldman Logistics Coldman Logistics Sanjay Sharma,, Chief Operating Officer Encapsulating services in Cold Chain Management, Warehousing, Distribution, Port Centric logistics, and Managed plant services
Coldrush Logistics Coldrush Logistics Mubeen Mehta, Director Providing storage for Short-term storage, Seasonal warehousing, Palletising/Depalletising, Packing and repacking, Pick and pack and Blast chilling and freezing
Cool Home Refrigeration Cool Home Refrigeration By Dnyanesh Joshi, Co-founder An outstanding provider of Air Conditioner, Cold Storage, Deep Fridge, Refrigeration Spare Parts and Water Cooler and Bottle Cooler
Crystal Group Crystal Group Komal Sardhara, Chief Executive Officer A fast growing cold chain solution providers including comprehensive variety of services and solutions
Indicold Indicold Kartik Jalan, Founder A provider of lucrative services in Cold Storage & Warehousing, Refer Transportation, Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Frozen and Chilled Storage, Pharma Logistics, Dairy Logistics and a lot others
Snowman Snowman Prem Kishan Gupta, Chairman Leveraging services in Temperature Controlled Logistics, PAN India Network, Customised Solutions, 24/7 Support, ERP Driven Operations, and Own Assets
Stockarea Stockarea Vinoth Raja J, Founder A renowned provider of services for 3PL Services, Transport Services, Cold Storage and Freight Forwarding