Dxcorr : A Recognized Brand for Silicon-proven, Leading edge Physical IP Solutions

 Nirmalya Ghosh,   CEODue to the increased demand for smaller electronic devices, the growing use of the Internet of Things, and the rise of high-tech consumer goods, the semiconductor market, which was valued at $27,788.29 million in 2022, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.56 percent by 2028. By virtue of their unique electrical qualities, semiconductors can serve as the foundation for computers and other electronic devices, making them a primary component in wearable health monitoring, entertainment gadgets, and smart home technology, which is a major driver boosting the industry’s growth. DXCORR Design. creates embedded physical IP configurations for a broad array of SoC architectures. Due to the skilled physical design teams, exact custom blocks, and highly optimized physical IPs, the company is ideally suited to handle industrial issues. In order to accelerate silicon supply and chip design, the firm was founded in Sunnyvale, California, in 2006, with the goal to combine the best aspects of software development and hardware design.

The Inception
Semiconductors are vital for business, often used, and the engine behind a wide range of technology, including smartphones. Semiconductor design, which includes the development of the necessary software and real integrated circuits, receives about half of all industry research and development funding. Design and optimization, as well as investments in design and R&D, are the main problems. The reason for this is that when technology nodes get smaller to 3 nm or less they alter architecturally, enabling PPAL achievable designs.

"All design firms strive to achieve this while working on a project, but fortunately, DXCORR successfully resolves this issue for each project in question"

DXCORR was founded on the premise of self-sufficiency, which remains the driving principle even now. The business is motivated by the desire to improve or accomplish an endeavor that will renew future technology in its own unique way. The technological evolution of electronic devices in the first decade of the twentieth century gave rise to ASIC designs. “A prerequisite to this increasing complexity is to critically optimize each processor core in a System-on-Chip to meet the power, performance, area yield, and application specific cost goal. This is necessitated by the typical requirement from a client in the VLSI universe the need to provide the best possible PPAL (power, performance, area, and leakage global metrics of semiconductor design) in the shortest time frame”, shares Nirmalya Ghosh, CEO, DXCORR.

All design firms strive to achieve this while working on a project, but fortunately, DXCORR successfully resolves this issue for each project in question. Without the attractive collection of internal tools and a core team of industry specialists, none of this would have been achievable. The company’s success is a result of timely, excellent project delivery.

Range of Offerings
DXCORR’s flagship features a semiconductor memory and datapath portfolio in various nodes, ranging from SRAM, MRAM, TCAM, cache memories, customizable datapath, and security features, to name a few. The company has also demonstrated the ability to be inventive by developing high-density and highperformance MRAMs and SRAMs. DXCORR additionally works on the newest low power process nodes, such as 5nm, 7nm, 12nm FinFET, 22nm & 12nm FDSOI, 28nm, and 40nm planar nodes. In a nutshell, DXCORR elegantly addresses the problem of concurrent read and write operations in two port SRAMs.
“Power efficient, high speed binary and ternary CAMs make its clients stand out in a market that craves faster networks and more efficient processors. Further, the extensive understanding of custom design allows us to remarkably boost the performance of a variety of custom logic and arithmetic functional blocks in multiple process nodes”, further adds Ghosh.

The cutting edge of VLSI design is the company’s primary focus. While other businesses have only recently begun to tape out on the 5nm node, DXCORR has already begun conducting fundamental research into SRAM compilers at the 2nm node, years in advance, ensuring that the business has experience with novel technologies for a number of years by the time its clients start to consider them.

The firm is constantly striving to mix in-house tool advancement with the most useful components of ML & AI

Only a few engineering firms in the world, including DXCORR, could in 2020 claim to have years of experience on 5nm, which makes DXCORR unique in the sector. Together with them are IMEC, TSMC, and ARM. “We are the only firm in the world capable of implementing certain highly experimental techniques that will truly make the difference between a standard chip to one that defines the best-in-class for a given industry”, adds Ghosh.

A Distinctive Team
DXCORR provides continuous training and development opportunities to its employees so as to hone their skills to attain maximum efficiency. The employees turn challenges into prospects every day through their passion, tenacity, and inventiveness. “To further push the edge of performance, we have developed a spectacular suite of inhouse software that automates even the most unconventional logic verification without having to spend millions on testing it on actual silicon”, says Ghosh.

DXCORR offers the employee personnel options for ongoing training and development so they may sharpen their abilities and achieve optimum effectiveness. The employees’ passion, perseverance, and creativity help them to turn obstacles into opportunities every day.

Consequently, employees at the organization are constantly encouraged to investigate subdomains outside of their own in order to have a comprehensive understanding of VLSI. The exposure helps with cross domain training and enables them to improve their fundamental domain knowledge while gaining much deeper information outside of the primary area. And this is the kind of approach that naturally drives people to get involved in the newest industry trends and developing technology.

There are no 'holy cows' in the DXCORR method of contemplation. Every concept should always be tested is the ideal that the company functions by. A notable lack of hierarchy has allowed for this to happen. The idea itself is all that matters. Each employee has the freedom to criticize current procedures and make suggestions for enhancements. Thoughts can flow however they like.

The diversified teams at DXCORR are working in many fields, including PNR, RTL, layout, digital circuits, memory, mixed-signal, and analog. Regarding project management and technical skills, each team on this site is adaptable in its own way and all teams have the most competent project leads. This extent of diversification has enabled DXCORR to achieve brilliance of solution development and implementation.

Future Roadmap
In the years ahead, DXCORR intends to build a model product portfolio which will function as a yardstick in the industry for a long time. The firm is constantly striving to mix in-house tool advancement with the most useful components of ML and AI. These are the two emerging arenas where hardware and software can come together to radically influence the course of humanity for advancement. DXCORR also has some additional ideas for the future.

To accelerate SoC design delivery, the DXCORR team continues to work on developing next generation analog IPs and interfaces to optimize intrachip and interchip communication. The company has successfully built its own analog portfolio, which includes high bandwidth and highspeed SerDes in multiple nodes, analog subsystems such as GPIOs, DAC, and ADC, and assisting circuitry for next-generation MRAM designs. The company’s main goal is to transfer all repetitive parts of chip development to computers, freeing up human brain space for future problems. With innovation and outof-the-box thinking being the center of focus, DXCORR is poised to bring some revolutionary changes in the industry.