File and Storage Agnostic Data Recovery and Repair

File and Storage Agnostic Data Recovery and Repair

Ability to recover lost data has become imperative for businesses to ascertain business continuity. In a time when storage capability of devices is increasing, more and more data is being stored closer to the user for easier access. However, no matter how careful the user is, he/she might accidentally lose some critical data, non-retrieval of which may impact their business. Apart from a business scenario, it is also a common problem faced by individual users who in contrast to an employee have to shell out exorbitantly in order to get their lost files recovered. Hence, the demand for data recovery solutions is getting higher than ever. While there are a plethora of solutions to meet this demand, not every solution is capable of retrieving files of every format and files that have been damaged or corrupted.     

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery solution proclaims to solve this problem and has put its money where its mouth is. Having proven its ability to recover files that have succumbed to various data loss situations like format, virus attack, accidental file deletion, sudden system crash, and unexpected power off, it is currently one of the most effective data recovery solutions available in the market.

The software is capable of recovering more than 1000 different file types like documents, photos, videos, audio files, emails, program files, database files, and zip files. Irrespective of the location of data and the manner in which it was lost, EaseUS data recovery software is capable of retrieving them from the HDD, SSD, SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, pen drive and other storage devices. It comes in three versions of Data Recover Wizard Free, Pro and Pro+Bootable Media. The Pro version, in addition, offers free consultation and assistance while the Pro+ Bootable Media version enables the system to boot with a WinPE in case of a system crash.


Ease of Use                                               

Another uniqueness of the solution is that it requires no computer skills. Even the users with no technical knowledge can navigate through it guided by a wizard that has a simplistic design to find the lost data. It follows a three step process: choosing the location from where the data was lost, scanning the data area and finally retrieving the lost data. It allows the user to apply filters by graphics, audio, document, video, email or archive files. 

Once the scanning begins, you can retrieve your files as they appear in the results and you don’t need to wait for the scanning to finish. It also allows you to pause or resume the data recovery scanning process. When there is a need for a more meticulous scan, EaseUS offers a deep scan which sifts through the drive to unearth buried files. Although it takes much longer than the quick scan, it can run in the background without weighing down the processing power of the system.

Last but not least, the job of data recovery is not done until the health of the file is assured. If the files recovered are damaged or corrupted, the whole process turns out to be futile. EaseUS Data Recovery solution is able to repair image and video files that have been compromised. It detects the lost JPEG/JPG pictures automatically and repairs them. It also mends MP4 and MOV videos on digital cameras like Canon, GoPro, and DJI cameras.            

In conclusion, even though there are some limitations and deterrents like lack of option to mention the file types manually while scanning and the cost of paid license being a bit on the high side, the pros outweigh the cons by a long way.