Singsys: Pitching the Best in Laravel Development

Sri Narayan Shukla, Founder & CEO

Sri Narayan Shukla

Founder & CEO

Short listing the right framework for your application is one of the most cumbersome aspects of the initial stages of project development. Particularly, web development practitioners might have found a redeemer in Laravel, the full circle implementation and deployment of it is another hefty task. Hailing from Singapore, with an Indian base at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Singsys has been at the forefront of Laravel based web application development with specialization in CRM and ERP solutions. Singsys' practices in Laravel are not only directed towards achieving the desired requirements but also towards using the latest version and latest libraries for optimum extraction of output. Singsys has developed Laravel solutions for business functions right from Accounting & Payroll to eCommerce & Internal Organization Management Systems that form an integral part of the underlying ERP Systems. The firm builds standardized custom code upon Laravel for end-applications. Singsys'rich portfolio of custom solution packages ranges from catalog management to checkout modules, from asset management to reporting, from theme based Laravel websites to complex architecture oriented web based systems with no exceptions to the web service based MVC architecture. Over the years, Singsys has calibrated a plethora of such custom Laravel solutions checking milestones with each passing day.

Founded and led by Sri Narayan Shukla, Singsys has swept away a shelf full of awards and titles since its inception. Singsys is now an esteemed member of NASSCOM and Indian Industries Association (IIA). With over 35 plus years of industry experience, the industry veteran Sri Narayan Shukla has served prominent positions in major league companies. Prior to Singsys, he was a prominent Trade Apprentice at Ordnance Factory (Tiruchirapalli), Section Head of Photolithography Department at Semiconductor Laboratory of ISRO (erstwhile Semiconductor Complex Chandigarh)and Principal Engineer (Photolithography) at Global Foundries and owned by Abudhabi Govt. (erstwhile Semiconductor Complex Chandigarh).

Thorough Assistance for Optimally Performing Apps
Singsys takes an agile approach with its solution building. Aware of the market's preference for on the go systems, Singsys'Laravel based solutions focuses not only on online web based solutions in terms of mobile friendly responsive websites, but also act as a backbone for the mobile apps developed by Singsys. Laravel's Lumen
component is primarily used in the development of such service based architecture as one of the key components. However, the development is not restricted to the same and explores other technologies as well like Java, NodeJS, RoR, etc. Singsys has time and again set benchmarks with its Laravel web development practices offering high end services to customer needs.

Over the years, singsys has calibrated a plethora of such custom laravel solutions checking milestones with each passing day

While never compromising with the customers' expectations and the quality of the finished product, Singsys takes a closer look into the security aspects as well. The applications that Singsys develops in Laravel is armed with time based tokenized request expiry, session and cookie management with reference to the data being loaded and unloaded for the application. Custom services are deployed following the pre-defined standards of Laravel that not only helps in maintaining the application's code sanity but also facilitates the coders with the ease for future enhancements and upgrades. Singsys developers are well versed in writing executable unit test cases in Laravel that in turn helps the firm to distinctly debug an application being developed. This provides the added advantage of time saved that would have been consumed in testing of the application. Besides, Singsys has a rigorous in house code review process by well experienced professionals to ensure adherence to the code quality aspects. "As Laravel in itself provides command execution aspects, we use the approach to better iterate underlying process enhancing the user experience", adds the Founder & CEO.

Meeting Deadlines with Quality Services
One of Singsys' clients required an inhouse budget approval system with backend integration with their pre-existing SAP system. Singsys had to face countless number of approval workflows under various departments with complex budget calculations, related expenses funneling and synchronicity in tracking the reports which was in the end well aligned to the backend SAP. More so, time constraints were posing a strong challenge. Singsys took the challenge up placed Laravel as the platform for the development. Having started the work in the first quadrant of 2019, Singsys made a remarkably fast implementation and got the system up and running by earliest in May, 2019 itself!

With global brands like Singtel, Delsey, Samsung, Cisco, Fujifilm and many other vouching out for Singsys'international standards of development services, the firm aims to further equip its comprehensive expertise by mapping not just strategic roadmaps, but escalate upon business intelligence and data strategy roadmaps too. Singsys intends to continue its quest to gauge `digital innovation' amidst the digital-disruption, so as to emerge as the celebrated haven for the extended businesses.

A Lookout At Comprehensive Laravel Solutions Offered By Singsys!
•Laravel SaaS Application Development
•Multipurpose Laravel CRM Solutions
•Laravel Custom Web Design & Development Services.
•Laravel Multilingual Support &Package Development
•E-Commerce Services upon Laravel framework.

Differentiating Planes Which Makes Singsys Stand Out Over Its Counterparts:
•Usage of Latest and Standardized Libraries
•Primary focus on
•Customer Requirements
•Technical Sanity of Code
•Usage of standardized custom code blocks to enhance User Experience
•Specific approach to end-to-end secured application development with latest code patches and standards in place
•Simplified theming with usage of advanced CSS concepts for an intuitive look and feel
•Laravel based executable Unit Test Cases with an extra edge of time and quality