Top Technology Trends That Will Help You Accelerate Your Digital Journey In 2020

Mr. Virender Jeet, Senior Vice President - Technology, Newgen SoftwareIt’s time to look back and take stock of your achievements in the last year. Also, it is a great time to look ahead and draw plans for the coming year.

With digital transformation and customer experience on the priority list of enterprises in 2020, accelerating your digital journey can help you stay competitive and ahead of the curve. To help you achieve your 2020 goals, here's a list of technologies that can help you build a digital enterprise.

• Low Code Platforms- Enterprises spend a lot of time in translating business needs to applications. Low code platforms reduce this translation effort by empowering your workers to easily develop applications, from automating small departmental functions to enterprise-wide solutions. Thus, helping you gain speed and enabling faster application deployment.

• Multi-experience Platforms: As organizations are becoming more customer-focused, it’s ideal to invest in platforms that would help them deliver an omnichannel experience across channels, such as web, mobile, social media, and others.
• Digital Sensing: According to a report, “One in three social media users prefer to reach out to a brand on social media for customer service, and 63% expect companies to offer customer service on social media. ” Social media offers various opportunities in terms of customer acquisition as well as retention. Digital sensing can help tap these opportunities by listening to your customer needs on various social channels, analyzing the sentiment and then replying in the right context.

• AI-Based Analytics: Being digital requires you to drive intelligence into your operations. Analytics can help you figure out what, why, and how of cases and events, enable smarter processes, and make sense of the torrent of information being generated.

• Robotic Process Automation (RPA): RPA can deliver value, but not in isolation. You need to leverage RPA strategically along with intelligent digital automation (BPM). The duo enables end-to-end process transformation while enabling continuous process improvement. It speeds up routine processes and frees up your employees to deliver smarter results. Further, it helps in reducing costs and eliminating human errors, thereby improving organizational efficiency.

• Mobility: Pervasive mobility could be a challenge. But not if you leverage a mobility framework that banishes disconnect of all kinds. Invest in a framework that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage highly configurable hybrid mobile apps, which supports various business functions and integrates mobile processes with back-end systems.

To Conclude
Digital transformation is a journey and not a destination. It requires you to be fast, customer-centric and current while looking for ways for continuous improvement. Therefore, it's important to choose and invest in the right technology that will help you achieve your digital goals.