The Age Of Convenience- Bringing Brands One Step Closer To Their Customers

Nishith Patnaik, Co-Founder And Head Product & Marketing, Nhance NowOnly a couple of decades ago, the quintessential match-viewing experience included adjusting the antenna for a better signal. How many of us even think of antennas today? That's the mark DTH services made, not too long ago. That is how convenience has taken over.

Today the world gets everything done through instant and personal conversations. Millennial brands operate by asking simple questions like "Where to?", "What do you want to listen to today?", Alexa, how can I cook Lasagne?" Answering these simple questions with the help of conversational tools is giving brands an opportunity to make things easy and convenient for the consumers. Brands have been successful in providing customers with the service and support for better ease and convenience.

2 billion+ conversations happen in real time over digital channels every day. Technology intervention has changed the way brands and consumers communicate. There is no time for slow and steady brands in this competitive world. Consumers believe in instant communication with brands and therefore they look for platforms which hasin built voice processes or social media channels, where the communication is two way and takes place in real time. This initiates a conversation instantly and helps in better engagement with the brand. Conversational interactions with the help of tools like instant messaging, AI voice assistants, chat bots and micro conversations has powered consumer-to-business communications with increased convenience and ease.

CCM - A New-Age Concept
Customer Relationship Management brings together customer data from different departments of the company to give a holistic view of their database in real time. This helps delivering a better customer
experience, which in turn increases brand loyalty amongst customers.

Now, add personalization to Customer Relationship Management, and voila! You have Customer Convenience Management. Not only does it help employees make quick and informed decisions on the business front, but also improves the quality of interaction with the receivers at the other end. Personalization has become key in increasing loyalty amongst customers and convenience for them to choose how and when to interact with the brands.

Power of Digital Transformation Digital transformation has forced companies to change business models according to market realities. With advent of tools like AI and ML, customer experience has also levelled up from a multichannel to an omni channel format.

The shift to Customer Convenience Management platforms will ensure a more seamless experience for the consumers

Barely two years ago, brands opted to bombard consumers on every possible medium through push notifications (check your phone - some still do!). However, tools like chat bots and voice assistants have simplified these processes for customer convenience today.

Customers now have multiple access points to initiate two-way communications with brands as per their preference. This omni channel experience for consumers is a holistic approach across all the channels they decide to use to communicate with the brand whether interacting via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or SMS.

The shift to Customer Convenience Management platforms will ensure a more seamless experience for the consumers no matter how they choose to interact with the brand. A 2017 Accenture report on creating continuous customer experience states that while 89 percent of customers use at least one digital channel, only 13 percent found physical action in response to digital conversations aligned. Consumers now have the power to decide how they interact with brands and expect uniformity and ease across all channels. This convenience and approach enhance customer experience, which in turn helps increase brand loyalty.

Personalization is the Key
In the digital era we find ourselves in, every individual customer likes personal attention and wants to be heard by the brands they are engaging with. They choose a unique path to avail products and services, mapping a one-of-a-kind journey, thereby creating a different customer experience for oneself. For this very reason, brands also need to deliver the most convenient experience for their consumers. Providing a unified digital experience eases the process at the customer's end and makes it much more convenient for the brand itself.

And isn't this quest for ease something that each of us have ventured in, anyway?