How personalized marketing with AI is changing the Real Money Gaming Market

Naveen Goyal, CEO, Khel GroupPersonalized marketing has become the buzz word today by which companies leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualised messages and product offerings to current or prospective customers. A cherry on the cake is when you serve the right message to the right customer, deeply empathising with his needs and behaviours - that’s when it becomes all the more powerful. Providing a wonderful experience with a personalized touch that recognizes the customer and delivers according to their choices, preferences and traits is what businesses aim to do. Personalized marketing helps you to engage and connect with the audience in a much more meaningful way. Personalized marketing with involvement of artificial intelligence has been adopted by various brands, andit maximises the benefits derived both by the buyer and the seller.A lot of e-commerce websites tend to deploy this method, since their audience base is extensive and diversified. Some of the examples are Amazon - being number one with the amount of data at their disposal, they have been doing some amazing behavioural targeting, predictive modelling & personalization. Also,Nike does great with engaging audiences and amplifying their core audience by using personalization and AI. Lastly to add is Cadbury - it plays a great hand at personalization. These giant players have found success with a number of personalized campaigns over the years, it has also raised their brand awareness, penetration and engagement. The integrated approach of crafting a personalized marketing campaign with the help of artificial intelligence cancreate an amazing experience in the field of real money gaming.

But before we dwell further, we need to understand the difference between customisation and personalized marketing.When a company sends an email in Marathi to a player because that player is based in Maharashtra, that’s personalization.
If a player chose to receive messages in Marathi and hence, he is receiving email in Marathi, that is called customization, which means it depends upon the action taken. When one logs in to a music website and it creates a playlist based on the songs you listened in the past that’s personalization, and if the playlist is created based on the preferences you gave at the time of signing up, that’s customization.

But personalization is always almost predictive. And that is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Algorithms that come under AI domain gathers data about a player and then predicts what the user likings will be. Juxtapose this on the online gaming scenario.With the use of such algorithms companies can understand player behaviour using various parameters and can create a model or a framework. Such a model can then recommend what offers or services to propose, and how to resend them on the app. Such levels of engagement and personalization truly involves a player in the ecosystem and is perceived as care by the user.

AI and machine learning will play a pivotal role in the gaming industry. These will help in predicting the outcome. These will also lead to identify the patterns, preferences, likes and dislikes of the user. In the avenue of real money gaming market, every action, every click and the dynamic progression is tracked, analysed and stored for further experiences. The player and the game have a constant connect with AI involved in the gaming market, you can gather a unique individual player’s behaviour which is exhilarating. These techniques help in curating an experience, solving problems, help in strategic thinking &innovations. Using the data, technology and artificial intelligence, the gaming market will witness an emergence of personalized and customized experience for individual users. These methods will personify the impact. The recent advances of putting forward and involving regional language processing, image and speech recognition is turning a new leaf in the real money gaming market.Brands that would invest in AI and technology would therefore create a competitive advantage in the days to come.

AI-based personalised marketing in real money gaming market could enable certain things like:
• What time does the user usually plays
• What is the peer group, the network patterns that the user follows, with whom does he play?
• Spending habits of the user
• Estimated disposable income to become a player/user
• Moods and Emotions of the User/ Player – For Example, if the user is stressed, they tend to be more impulsive, and if they are at peace, they will play calm.

Such hyper personalization and customization and its critical study and analysis will bring a shift in the real money market and will continue to innovate further. The real money gaming market will have a fun ride ahead and while the experience of the user will be elevated, the category will notice a valuable and a paradigm shift.