How Electric Vehicle Charging Management Infrastructure Can Help Achieving Our Goal Of Environmental Sustainability

As the world places sustainability at the forefront, it is imperative to assess key value industries with the potential for exponential transformation. The electric vehicles (EV) industry is one of the exciting segments with scope for massive innovation. It accomplishes some of the most significant tenets of sustainability. At 27%, today, transportation is the highest contributor of Green House Gas emission in this planet and if we can move away from the combustion engines, a significant portion of the Green House Gas can be controlled. Therefore, no wonder that the EV industry market is forecasted to continue growing rapidly and is expected to cross US$ 115 billion by the end of 2028.

When paired with the right technologies to meet its objectives, it can smoothly spearhead operational eco-efficiency and achieve continuous profitability, thus catalyzing responsible global growth for enterprises.

The demand for EVs in the past few years has witnessed a meteoric rise in the market. Much of this could be attributed to increasing urbanization, rapidly shifting consumer preferences, and the availability of electric vehicles by the mainstream manufacturers. The Government initiative of many countries to lower greenhouse emissions to lessen the harmful environmental effects have also played a key role to encourage both Auto Manufacturers and the consumers to increasingly prefer selling and purchasing of electric vehicles in recent years.

This, in turn, has generated a massive rise in demand of effective Charging Management Infrastructure for the electric vehicles. To make a Charging Management Infrastructure efficient, we need the right combination of a Charging Management System (CMS) hardware and a pluggable solution which can easily integrate both with CMS and market leading Utilities Meter to Cash platforms. At the same time, it should provide highly personalized Self Service Functionality for the EV Owners.

Innovative Charging Management Solution is the need of the day

While there are several players in the market who produces state-of-the-art Charging Management Systems, it is still a struggle for many Utilities, who are looking for a seamless solution to handle the consumption data and process Post Paid billing, Payments, Credits and Collections for the consumers.

On the other hand, this solution should ideally integrate with Customer Self Service Portal and Mobile application to help the consumers on their need of vehicle charging requirements at public charging stations. These include:

1. Ability to locate Public Charging Stations on Map
2. Ability to book Charging Station
3. Ability to view Real Time charging status
4. Ability to receive message from CMS
5. Ability to view total energy used
6. Ability to view amount to be paid
7. Payment Gateway Integration for Drive in customers
8. Ability to provide feedback to on Charging Station
9. Ability to seek help for any issue
10. Ability to receive any Marketing notifications
11. Block/Unblock Charging Stations for Public (Fleet Operators)

This can equally benefit an Electric Utility planning to roll out the EV Charging Management Infrastructure, an Automobile Manufacturer selling an EV or a Fleet Operator who is looking to boost their revenue by leasing out their Charging station infra to public when their own vehicles are not using the same.

This solution should be modular and capable of running on top of any leading Meter to Cash solutions available in the market and capable of interacting with EV charging stations, utilities, and fleet operators to control user permissions and invoicing, access status updates, and decide on rates and charges in real-time. This makes it imperative for the VCMS to be user-friendly, scalable, and offer easy connectivity with existing systems.

Being associated with IT Services industry, I see an immense scope in this area for an IT Service integrator focusing on New Gen Utilities and EV platforms, to boost their revenue and at the same time help them contribute towards making this world a better living place for our future generations.