Dual barrier coating - an advanced technology that reduces dust in ACs

Yozo Ito, Director & Business Unit Head, Air Conditioners, Mitsubishi Electric IndiaIn tropical countries like India where summer is the longest season and in many parts of the country, mercury crosses 45-degree centigrade during May to August. Besides scorching heat, dirt and dust are those obnoxious factors which not only create trouble for humans but also for heat relievers; air conditioners. Indeed, dust and dirt are the biggest enemies of air conditioners in states like UP, Delhi, MP, Rajasthan, and Bihar. These dust and dirt particles slow down the machine which eventually faces problems in cooling down the room, and people spend the unnecessary amount on frequent maintenance services. Once the damage is too heavy, there may even be a need for replacement or the concurrent repair costs may prove to be cumbersome.

Causes & Consequences

Generally, Air Conditioning area contains different types of dirt which are usually classified into two groups; hydrophilic dirt refers to dirt such as fibre dust and sand dust whereas hydrophobic dirt is the dirt which emanates from sources such as oil and cigarette smoke.
At times when the inside components of Indoor Air Conditioners are left dirty, the consequences can be harmful to the unit. There are chances that the Air Flow volume is reduced, the Air Conditioner may get muddy, the outlet air may smell bad or there may be deterioration in the energy efficiency of the Air conditioner system

Dual barrier coating for better protection and performance

An advanced technology that protects air conditioners from the ill effects of dirt and dust is the dual barrier coating technology. This technology helps in reducing the attachment of dust and oil mist that coats the inside of the conditioners. The coating material greatly reduces the attachment of dust which is mixed in the air. This lends the units the power to work at full performance. The reduction in the dirt also means the bad smell and odours go down. With less dirt, the necessity of cleaning the air conditioner also lessens.

Another upside of the dual barrier coating technology is its green effects. The technology is environment-friendly and does not cause harm to the ozone. Currently, the air conditioners which are equipped with dual barrier coating technology are effective to protect the unit from the corrosion and erosion and fill the room with cool, clean, and fresh air.

How dual barrier coating technology works

“Dual Barrier Coating” works as a two barrier coating with blended fluorine particles that prevent hydrophilic dirt penetration and hydrophilic particles that prevent hydrophobic dirt from getting into the air conditioner. This dual coating on the inner surface keeps the air conditioner clean round the year.

That’s why units of dual barrier coated air conditioners are equipped with a sophisticated, streamlined design and a comprehensive range of features to make stylish, energy efficient air conditioning available for multiple purposes. Such air conditioners also contain double vanes on the indoor unit that operate independently to distribute airflow evenly throughout the room and offer a whisper-quiet operation as low as 19 dB (A). A Plasma Quad Plus filter also uses powerful plasma technology to filter out even microscopic particles, whilst the dual-barrier coating on the heat exchanger, fan, and air duct prevent dust and grease accumulation. The cutting-edge technology is one of the latest additions to the new age of air conditioning.