AWS - New era of Cloud Computing

We’ve always wondered about what happened to Technology for the past years.We are now wondering when we witness what’s happening to Technology.I’m sure you will be in a wonderworld of Technology that is going to happen.That kind of a wonder is aws or Amazon Web Services in cloud computing.

AWS provide abundance of services in cloud computing. Fifteen years before it was a dream to use a virtual machine and deploy our applications and websites, but now we can use any type of virtual machine and install any OS, assign RAM, disc space etc. All these can be done with AWS EC2. Nowadays a lot of companies, industries, government institutions are depending on this service. There are many benefits in using AWS EC2, companies find it very cost effective, less maintenance work, less employees, assurance of continued service etc. In simple words we can say that buying & maintaining a new system as their physical server is no longer needed. We have only specified about one service provided by AWS, this shows how much remarkable is AWS today.

Before 2010, a lot of startups failed to continue their journey especially IT related companies. The main reason for that is they need huge investment in server establishment and maintenance. IT world was within the hands of “Tech giants” and it was a dream to start a company for the small entrepreneurs. Introduction of cloud computing and services paved way for many small entrepreneurs to be active in the market especially in Indian market where they are able to produce some good IT related products and services in India & all over the world.

Another significant AWS service is amazon s3 or simple storage service. How important it is for you to get a lot of space for storing your videos and photos in a cloud space for your app/website? It is very important right? We can use AWS s3 for storage with a small price per month. There are options to setup new security rules for our s3 account which will allow only authenticated users to have access to the s3 files and all these can be done in a few minutes. In s3 we can create bucket, each bucket can be accessed with specific URL. These buckets can be used for storing your files by creating separate folders as per your requirement. You can upload files either by using amazon console or by using third party applications that have authenticated access to the bucket. The authentication or limited access to the s3 service for your app/website can also be done by another important feature of AWS called as IAM user. By creating different IAM user roles you can assign specific access/tasks to that user therefore, only those users are permitted to do certain jobs in your AWS account. Without those credentials even your app cannot access any of the AWS services. This shows how much secured is AWS for you as a developer/user.

You might have studied MySQL database management from your 10th standard right? You know something? AWS have a separate section for all these type of relational database management which they termed as RDS. It helps you to create & manage databases like Mysql, Aurora, MariaDB, PostgreSQL etc.

Unfortunately, I could not cover all the services of AWS in this article because as I mentioned, it has abundance of services. The above referred services are only some of the important ones. AWS is an example that signifies how much developed our IT world is, importance of cloud computing and how easy it is to start your own company with help of AWS services. Last but not least I take this chance to praise AWS for their very good customer support because they always provide solution to developer’s doubts when in need.

For all the IT enthusiast’s out there take this chance, make your days valuable, if you have any innovative idea go for it, develop it and bring it into market because all your requirements are here in this tech world right now, you only need to grab it.