11 Benefits of Digital Marketing For Businesses & Students

Ashish Kumar is the CEO and conceptualizer of Red Dash Media - A Full-Service Global Digital Marketing Agency helping brands shape their digital conversation and bringing ideas to life. He has worked strategically with several businesses in the past as a Hospitality Advisor. He compliments his busy lifestyle by being a fitness enthusiast and nutrition expert.

Digital Marketing is one of the biggest industries in the present date and it has brought about a lot of changes in how a business runs. The number of internet users is increasing day by day and in an age where people use online channels to resolve their queries, know about different facts and figures, shop for products, or research important information. So in this cybernated era, businesses can tap into the huge potential of the digital world to expand their business.

The main objective of digital marketing is to let you connect with your target audience online. Hundreds and thousands of businesses are using digital marketing as a part of their overall marketing plan to reach their prospective buyers through different digital channels.

Digital marketing is a versatile industry and not only businesses but students can benefit from this industry. Digital Marketing offers some undeniable benefits and here are eleven such great advantages of Digital Marketing:

1. Heightened Exposure
With digital marketing, your brand gets wide exposure. The online marketplace is vast and a huge chunk of the global population is using the internet to find a solution to their problems. The internet is thus a big powerhouse that gives your wider exposure opportunities to your brand. You can reach a global audience while staying local.

2. Target The Right Audience
Reaching the right audience is crucial for any business to make an impactful impression in this highly competitive market. With the help of digital platforms, reaching the target audience becomes even easier. Digital marketing offers strategies like paid advertising that lets you target a specific audience segment based on gender, age, or other preferences. There are many tools that allow you to understand your prospective buyer’s likes and dislikes and based on this you can offer specific products to the individual that resolves their pain points.

3. Returns On Investment
Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to earn big returns on investments. Even if your investment is small, digital marketing can lend a substantial amount of returns. Also, digital marketing campaigns like paid advertising or social media campaigns cost very little as compared to traditional marketing so you can earn much more profit as compared to traditional marketing.

4. Accurate Result Measurement
Digital Marketing also allows you to track how your campaign is performing by giving you an accurate measurement of your results. You get an exact measure of whether a certain strategy is working in your brand’s favor or against it and then based on the results you can improvise on different parameters of the campaign to make it more fruitful. When you are just focussing on traditional marketing, it is difficult to track the progress but with digital marketing, you can measure every aspect of your marketing campaign. Softwares such as Google Analytics make the monitoring and measurement of your campaigns very easy.

5. Gain Brand Credibility
The most sustainable way to build brand credibility is through various digital channels like social media platforms or a dedicated business website. The brands that are active digitally earn more credibility as a business. When you put forth content on the internet that is engaging and appealing to the eye of your prospective consumers, they can feel more connected to your brand and are persuaded to invest in your product. Interesting and useful content that the customers find valuable help a company to build a good rapport with its targeted audience.

6. Equal Opportunities
Digital Marketing provides equal opportunities for all businesses, big or small to succeed in today’s competitive market. It is not a problem for big businesses to invest and spend a big amount for marketing their business but for small businesses it is a financial challenge. Digital marketing bridges that gap as well by making marketing cost-effective for everyone. While SEO and content marketing does require investments but it does not have to drill a hole in your pocket, and you can get as creative with your digital campaigns as you want. So even if you are a startup or a student you can still compete as a small fish in the big pond.

7. See More Conversions
Digital Marketing does not only draw traffic to your website but also increases your rate of conversions. Your website might have thousands of visitors every day but if they are not purchasing a product or service then it really is of no use. With the right digital marketing techniques, you will see an increase in conversion rates.

8. Have A Great Content Strategy
Content is a crucial factor when it comes to digital marketing and it has become more important than ever. Your content is what conveys your message and keeps your brand relevant to the customers. A digital marketing specialist can help you have a precise and effective content marketing strategy. The use of high-quality content will help you earn high-authority backlinks, make your content shareable increasing reach, educate or inform your targeted audience.

9. Multi-Channel Strategy
Digital Marketing adopts a multi-channel strategy and you can choose the strategies that work for you to get the maximum results. You can also have a multi-channel campaign giving you the opportunity to reach a vast audience group, which also means an increased conversion opportunity.

10. Improvisations Are Possible
Digital Marketing is flexible and customizable. If you implement some marketing tactics and they aren’t generating any profit for your business, you can always improvise and make changes along the way to make sure that the marketing tactics are working for your business and your brand is always relevant to your targeted audience.

11. Reach Mobile Customers
With so many active smartphone users today, you need to ensure that your business is reaching mobile users as well. Having a responsive website makes your business accessible to handheld devices as well. You won’t miss out on any prospective opportunity with digital marketing tactics.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses
For small businesses, one of the biggest challenges is to reach the required audience and it is super important for your business to reach the right audience to succeed. A big part of your targeted audience is available online, and that is the first place they go to when they want to research any brand. Digital Marketing makes your brand visible and accessible online by creating an online presence for your business so that you can reach your prospective customers.

Also, digital marketing gives you the tools to monitor or track your progress in real-time, which is super beneficial for a small business. You get to see what works for your business and what doesn’t and make the changes accordingly.

This way you can also make investments based on the results that you are receiving. If you find that the current strategies are working for you, you can invest further to expand your marketing plan and expand your business.

Lastly, it improves brand awareness. It is important for small businesses to spread the word out about their business so that more people become aware of the business and receive enough information to feel connected to the brand. Social media platforms are great digital marketing channels for connecting with your potential consumers. Through social listening, like reading the comments and reviews, you can provide better customer support to your customers and thus develop a good rapport with them.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Students
The best thing about digital marketing for students is that it does not limit you to one particular type of job profile. Businesses from all industries can make use of digital marketing to leverage their business. So if you have a digital marketing certification, you can find job opportunities in a multitude of industries, and not only this, it also allows entrepreneurship opportunities for students. If you wish to start your own business or become an entrepreneur, pursuing digital marketing is surely going to benefit you.

Enhance Your Market Value
Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly popular and has been established as a huge industry of its own. More and more companies are hiring web marketing professionals for different aspects of digital marketing. With a digital marketing certification, you can enhance your market value as a digital marketing certification is highly valued by companies who are looking to hire.

Higher Salary Compensation
Since digital marketing is an emerging domain there is a dearth of digital marketing talents, so the companies that are seeking to hire digital marketing professionals are willing to offer high compensations for deserving candidates.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing has opened opportunities for both businesses and students to earn greater revenues. With digital empowerment, a separate industry of digital marketing is mushrooming globally. As a business, you can benefit by tapping into the potential internet and as a student, you can find more opportunities to earn a digital marketing certification.