5 Ways The Workforce Will Evolve In 2020

By Rishabh Chokhani, Founder, CEO, Naturevibe BotanicalsIn the past decade, the workforce has evolved in many ways. Business experts never thought about, The Universality of Internet connectivity and smart devices took over the recruitment process as many companies are hiring candidates from around the world as people can work from anywhere in the world. Rapidly growing technologies have also transformed outdated hiring processes and Human Resource functions, leading it to a workforce that’s concurrently distributed and always connected.

As we have entered a new decade, most leaders are speculating about what may change in the current workforce. Well, here are a few transitions that may take place in 2020 and beyond.

Enhanced artificial intelligence utilization
The increased popularity of Artificial Intelligence for various businesses is not showing any signs for slowing down. This technology is going to play a major important role in the coming years.

Many careers such as proofreaders, research analysts, and receptionists are slowly making an exit as Artificial Intelligence is improving and going to go forward affecting other jobs while robots are becoming more skilled.

As artificial intelligence represents a positive change when it comes to productivity and efficiency, but on the
other hand it can be seen as a negative change reason being that the human capital will lose value.

Raising mental health awareness
As the work pressure is increasing in the workplace, mental health awareness will increase too. More companies will start realizing the value of mental health in 2020.

Companies have noticed that good mental health will lead to better performance. We might see a change in the office calendars that more mental health days will be added for their employees so that they can relax and recharge.

Greater emphasis on enhancing the office environment
It is highly important to have a positive environment in the workplace as it gives the employees a great comfort level and increases their productivity.

In 2020, Companies have already started working on a positive workplace aura. Also, companies are looking forward to maintaining a healthy environment by reducing the use of paper and banning plastic as an initiative toward the environment as it is the need of the hour.

Further easy ways to operate
As technologies improve and companies change and develop, many people are willing to work from home and off-site and employees would like this flexibility.

In order to stay competitive and attract skillful candidates for a job, part time working will become an important part for the industries.

Disappearing aspirations of ' corporate ladder '
Many years ago, most employees desire to associate with a company and climb the corporate ladder for their entire career. However, this concept is dying as the employees attitude towards work is changing.

As more and more startups emerge, people have a plethora of options to work, they are not dependent on just one company to work for their entire life to gain success. It is considered as a positive change by the masses because it encourages personal growth.

In Conclusion, with changing time, the working scenario is changing at a rapid speed moving forward people have plenty of resources and opportunities coming their way.