Interloop: A Trusted Zoho Partner Changing Consulting Landscape

  Susobhan Biswas Founding Partner & COO,   Saurabh Chauhan Founding Partner & MD

Susobhan Biswas Founding Partner & COO

Saurabh Chauhan Founding Partner & MD

In order to increase their corporate performances, today, companies are growing their cloud capabilities quite aggressively. The need for consulting and IT implementation services, which are mostly geared toward HRMS, CRM, and project management solutions, has increased significantly. Zoho is one prominent multinational technology firm established in India. Zoho Corporation offers many solutions for growing and established organizations. Several process and automation consultancies have partnered with Zoho to further offer premium services.

Interloop is one such Zoho Partner. As the premium Zoho Partner, Interloop offers consulting solutions that emphasizes on processes and automation to drive sustainable growth for clients. Established in 2017, Interloop is a people, sales, and technology advisory firm utilizing proprietary consulting techniques and Zoho platform to assist clients in increasing organizational productivity.

Interloop, has implemented Zoho tools across more than 200 brands globally in a variety of industries. Some of the key factors behind Interloop’s success are its consulting approach and focus on closing the loop. As a hybrid consulting firm, Interloop uniquely provides its clients with pertinent process knowledge and robust Zoho Applications. With regard to project completion and implementation, Interloop has established a solid reputation for efficiency. As a result of guided training and talks, the firm’s clients benefit as they quickly go online.

“With integrity and innovation as our core values, we are focused on total digital transformation by closing the loop of HRMS and CRM implementation. Our team is a cohesive group of experts and everyone at Interloop is driven by the organization’s purpose which is, ‘We orchestrate processes that empower businesses to achieve their goals today and tomorrow'. Making consulting services affordable and accessible to SMEs and our clients, has been our vision since we started Interloop. Our engagement with clients is focused on positive RoI for our clients helping them save either money, time or both”, shares Susobhan Biswas, Founding Partner & COO, Interloop.

Interloop has a group of experts and qualified professionals in various business processes. The firm has also established an expertise in human resources consulting and sales consulting. It proactively ensures that its team members obtain official certifications in relevant areas & applications to maintain the quality of their services. Interloop team members are certified by premium institutes like Oxford, IIMA, and Aon. “We deploy proprietary business tools using Zoho platform to redesign various business processes that propagate organizational
transformation. We have been using Culture Assessment Tool, Predictive performance model and Diversity & Inclusion tool”, speaks Saurabh Chauhan, Founder, Interloop.

Over the past three years, Interloop has grown by more than 160 percent annually. The company is youthful and adaptable which is a crucial feature in today’s fast-changing technological scenario. About 200 clients, both domestically and abroad, are now being served by the firm. Throughout its journey, the company has picked up lessons that enabled it to provide clients with higher value. By using automation and managed services Interloop can help giving its clients the freedom to concentrate on longterm growth strategies for their individual companies.

Interloop uniquely provides pertinent process knowledge and collaborates closely with key stakeholders to promote cohesion between different verticals to solve business problems

Key Zoho Applications – Zoho One, Zoho Peopleplus& Zoho CRMplus
Interloop is very bullish about few tools that brings in positive results from day 1 of their deployment Zoho Peopleplus, Zoho CRMplus and Zoho One.

“Zoho People plus unified HRMS platform to manage all of your organizations HR operations from recruitment employee lifecycle Payroll and collaboration. Unlike smaller modules, Zoho People plus is a suite of full fledged products from Zoho. Your processes like onboarding, performance management, leave, attendance, Learning & Collaboration can be automated easily. These robust applications bring a unique combination of flexibility, scalability and customization. On top of that, it is very easy to use. One can manage by oneself once our training is completed”, further adds Susobhan Biswas.

Saurabh Chauhan, Founding Partner & MD

“Zoho CRM plus is one more example of amazing product suite helping its client manage from lead generation, lead management, multi-channel support, campaigns and detailed analytics. It brings together the power of eight applications in one single place- Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Projects, Campaign, Survey, Social and Zoho Analytics. Sales Efficiency takes a different upside when you deploy Zoho CRM Plus across the organization”, shares Saurabh Chauhan.

Interloop is involved when these tools need to be modified for any customer in accordance with their policies and how they wish to use the tool in relation to their businesses. “With 100s of implementation, we bring in the experience and expertise in process designing & improvisation. We suggest our clients if we find an improvisation can greatly increase process adaptation”, further adds Saurabh.

Zoho One brings the entire business on a single platform. It totally eliminates the risk and inefficiency coming along with multiple products and their cumbersome & often broken integrations. The return on investing in Zoho One is multi fold when information is easily accessible from any where on any smart device. Zoho One today is being used by more than 50000 organizations. Interloop is committed to deliver this enormous value to its clients at every point of time.

Future Roadmap
In order to fulfill its goal of serving as a trustworthy and problem-solving partner for its clientele, Interloop will continue to introduce services that help customers solve their business challenges. It also recently launched ‘Managed Services’ allowing the clients to totally outsource HR Ops, including payroll. The firm also has a program called ‘HR for startups’ for the growing Indian Startup ecosystem that combines strategic HR and HR Ops, helping them save money and time. The company’s focus over the next three to four years will be on consolidating its current position and expanding horizontally.