ZEUX Innovation: Designing Exceptional Digital Experiences to Drive Real Business Outcomes

Saurabh Gupta & Hemal Gathani,FoundersDesign trends have pushed businesses towards rampant creativity, abandoning grids and traditional stock photos for vibrant illustrations, bold color schemes, and asymmetrical layouts. But, technological advancements have led to websites becoming smarter, with machine learning and subtle interactions, and those shifting paradigms have driven design trends. ZEUX Innovation, headquartered in Mumbai, has design solutions focused on achieving business goals rather than making something visually appealing or just following a process driven approach. ZEUX's aim is to solve the complex UX problems with unique ideas and create compelling success stories.

"Our approach is clear. Empathize with the clients, understand their core pain point areas and design the process and solution that helps them move the bottomline increase online sales, conversions, engagement, decrease costs, errors and improve satisfaction. ZEUX's core UX experience and thought leadership makes it perfectly positioned to ensure that UX is done in a more systematic and scientific way", explained Hemal Gathani, Founder, ZEUX Innovation.

Innovative UX Design Services
ZEUX employs an outcome oriented focus and an approach to craft clutter breaking
digital experiences. ZEUX is known for delivering high stake, largescale, complex, measurable UX design solutions on time. ZEUX offers a plethora of UX Design and innovation services which includes Consulting Offerings and Training Offerings. Consulting Offering comprises UX Assessment, UX Research, UX Design, Omni Channel Strategy, UX Innovation, UX Lifecycle Management. Similarly, Training Offering comprises Design Thinking in Action, Outcome Driven Innovation and UX Masterclass. As an innovation company, ZEUX Innovation continuously strives to craft UX solutions that push the boundaries of a human being's experience with technology. ZEUX focuses to deliver customer satisfaction and best-in-class digital experiences that lie in cutting-edge innovation with specific measurable business outcomes.

ZEUX's vision is to become a world-class UX Design firm by creating experiences that increase harmony, happiness, and sustainability

Furthermore, the company keeps a very close watch on technology advancements and trends and ensures that its solutions and processes are constantly aligned and adapted to the evolving digital landscape. ZEUX often defines UX standards and puts frameworks in place for new technological paradigms. Most importantly, ZEUX understands that creating exceptional user experiences often requires cutting through the hype of the latest technological trend and distilling down to relevant use cases that will ultimately make life better for the user. With this belief, ZEUX differentiates itself in the market. What singularizes the company more is its own framework and model which balances the need to be process oriented and yet be deployed rapidly.

Established in 2016, ZEUX Innovation has grown from a two member's team to thirty-two member's organization. The company has grown over 100 percent year on year basis in the last three years, with a strong belief and focus on building, innovating and designing great UX ecosystems for their clients that drive real business outcomes. Moreover, the company's goal is to continue to deliver award winning design solutions, deliver tremendous ROI to its clients and move the UX design and innovation discussion to the board level in organizations. In the next five years, ZEUX will be placed as the world's largest UX design & innovation firm and the most sought after source for exceptional user experience design solutions and thought leadership. ZEUX's vision is to become a worldclass UX Design firm by creating experiences that increase harmony, happiness, and sustainability.