YUJ Designs: Creating Value by Design

Prasadd Bartakke &  Samir Chabukswar,FoundersToday, the experience you provide your customers can bring fundamental disruption in the industry. A powerful and engaging UX doesn't just make your product easy to use but brings ROI to business, adds long term value and garners customer loyalty. What differentiates the top brands from the rest of the companies is a holistic customer experience across various channels and touch points. YUJ Designs exemplifies just that.

YUJ Designs was founded in 2009 by Samir Chabukswar & Prasadd Bartakke, with the aim to solve business problems through a human centered approach. YUJ encountered challenges like the absence of UX design awareness & UX maturity since its inception. The company became one of the pioneers in UX design and overcame these challenges by bringing the scientific and consultative approach to India, which is quite prevalent in the western world.

Headquartered in Pune, the company has offices in Sunnyvale, CA, USA and Bengaluru in India, with employees working at various client locations across India. YUJ Designs has clients across the United States, Europe
India, and APAC regions. YUJ's clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They have worked in various, about 60+ domains. Since UX design is domain agnostic, YUJ wants to keep their client portfolio that way.

The company has received attention and recognition from the western world for their research based design approach, which is quite unusual for an India based company. YUJ has so far worked on 2000+ projects, of which almost all have met an astounding business success. Most of the products designed by YUJ have generated a 5x return on investment. The company provides on the job training to its employees as well, using Prasadd and Samir's prior experience in the global market.

YUJ transforms businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly efficient experience

More than mere designers, YUJ believes in working as consultants, who dig deeper into customer's problems and provide them with longterm solutions. Prasadd metaphorically explains it as curing a disease at its root, instead of just treating surface level symptoms. YUJ relies heavily on market, stakeholder and user research to identify and define problem statements for their clients. YUJ unfolds a design thinking approach to find innovative solutions for businesses. YUJ transforms businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly efficient experience. The company also goes beyond traditional services, with newer offerings. These include digital experience design, innovation and prototype, training, workshops, guiding and empowering client's design teams and organizations. YUJ's passion lies in transforming ideas into realities. YUJ Designs partners with clients to help contribute in advancing the human experience.

YUJ Designs believes in creating value by design. Samir Chabukswar, Founder of YUJ Designs, says, "Design in India can make 10x impact at 1/10th the cost. The value of design is still not understood, and there is lack of awareness and trust by Indian customers." YUJ Designs hopes to bring humanness to new technological developments. It is YUJ's ability to create exponential value that separates the company from others in the market.