Yashasvi Information Solution: Provides Value - Added Service in IT Infrastructure Design & Management

Sanjeev Patil,DirectorThe prevailing economic environment requires enterprises to ensure that their IT infrastructure keeps pace with the speed of business and has the capability to efficiently handle increasing workloads. But existing enterprise infrastructure often lacks the agility required to match business demands and underscores the need for a rethink in infrastructure strategy. IT departments are being challenged more than ever to rapidly deploy, configure, monitor, update, and optimize infrastructure in response to dynamic business requirements. Bangalore-based Yashasvi Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is one such organization that focuses on addressing these qualms. The company makes organizations more agile by providing world class CISCO services and products for wired & wireless, IT networking & collaborations, voice & video, data center, security, and applications needs.

Founded in 2007 by a group highly experienced IT professionals, Yashasvi puts its founders’ past experience to use to provide out-of-the-cult value added service in IT infrastructure design and management to the far corners of the world. The company offers entire gamut of IT infrastructure services such as network architecture, consultation, deployment, assessment, qualification and standardization of hardware & software, along with data centers, data storage &
back-up, disaster recovery and data security services. The ten year old company has witnessed a significant growth. “Our approach focuses on helping you find new ways of doing business, combining IT innovation and adoption, while maintaining your organization’s current IT assets,” says Sanjeev Patil, Director, Yashasvi.

Yashasvi puts its founders past experience to use to provide out-of-the-cult value added service in IT infrastructure design and management to the far corners of the world

Enhancing IT Infrastructure & Network

Yashasvi’s tailor - made consulting approach and dedicated workforce is its USP. It’s well experienced and qualified experts work directly with organization’s IT leaders to understand their objectives & challenges face by them, perform various assessments, and post this brainstorming session recommend industry best practice Networking solutions from vendors like CISCO. They also take up deployment, configuration, delivery of various post implementation services (in case of complex network) and integration of various IT solutions, including CISCO products purchased by the clients. Further more, Yashasvi trains client’s IT team on how to engage and devolve IT infrastructure & network issues, interact with service providers, basic trouble shooting and various aspects associated with IT infrastructure and networking. This results in lesser number of calls or service requests after introduction of new services, enabling clients to
become self - sufficient in solving issues in regards to infrastructure and networking.

Staying Ahead

Yashasvi’s experts also assist clients with Network traffic optimization and other related issues by redesigning the Network, understanding the data flow analysis and internal IT schemes and help them to standardize and drive on these services. “We have strong focused delivery team to integrate heterogeneous & complex IT infrastructure and help our customers to quickly resolve and overcome the existing problems, saving the money & time,” claims Sanjeev.

Niladri Das, Director - Sales & Marketing

Being a flat organization, Yashasvi focuses on empowering its employees and provide them a timely training from the OEMs like CISCO to upgrade their skills, which helps them to better understand the customer pain points and resolve the issues faster while performing better in selling and increase customer satisfaction. “We have not let any case unresolved; we also engage with CISCO Services team for complex engineering solutions,” concludes Niladri Das, Director Sales & Marketing, Yashasvi. With such a dedicated workforce and three-tier IT channel business model, the company plans to join hands with various cloud-based companies to provide cloud consulting services to the customers in the near future.