Winworld Innovative Solutions Hub: Offering Cost-effective Microsoft Cloud-based Solutions to Clients

 Amit Dubey,   General Manage

Amit Dubey

General Manage

Compared to the rest of the world, the strong technical infrastructure as well as the super quick adaptability of the customers in India has always helped Microsoft experience a strong market in the country. Developed by various Indian companies, a wide range of niche products and solutions using some of the most trending and cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, bots, automation, blockchain, cloud, and so on, on Microsoft platforms have been appreciated and used by customers globally. Even Microsoft has been running various partner-focused programs in India to educate partners to connect to the last mile customer needs through partner channels efficiently.

Started in 2020, Winworld Innovative Solutions Hub (WISH) is an Udaipur-based Microsoft partner solutions entity offering a wide range of development and deployment services on various Microsoft platforms. Starting from the analysis of the existing solution infrastructure spectrum to deploying large-scale solutions to the cloud, the firm offers a gamut of services to its clients in both the private and public sectors.

A subsidiary of Winworld Solutions, WISH is a solution-oriented organization with expertise in developing and deploying Microsoft cloud-based solutions, executing enterprise-grade project management tasks using Microsoft DevOps, and developing Microsoft developer tools and add-ins that would help automate the development process.

Apart from that, the firm also offers Microsoft Licenses as well as various migration services upgrading existing customer infrastructure or solution architecture to their cloud counterpart. WISH also has a pool of Microsoft solution consultants to analyze, draft, and deploy Microsoft based solution infrastructure for its customers. The firm also helps fellow businesses by providing virtual Microsoft profes-sional teams. "WISH has partnered with other software development organizations, both nationally and internationally, where the firm supplies a pool of professionals for their various project management needs", shares Amit Dubey, General Manager.

What makes WISH stand out from the rest is the cost-effective business solutions offered by the firm using highly opti-mized resources in terms of execution & infrastructure

What makes WISH stand out from the rest of its peers in the market is the cost-effective business solutions offered by the firm using highly optimized resources in terms of execution and infrastructure. The core functionality of the firm lies on three pillars; Quality, Time, and optimal team sizing. The firm has a no-compromise policy when it comes to delivery quality and always follows test-driven development practices to stick to the overall development timeframe.

WISH also practices optimal team sizing based on project requirements as well as resource talent, which helps the firm mitigate budget constraints related to specific projects. Apart from that, the firm builds most of its solutions around open source, which helps reduce the overall management and maintenance cost of the licenses in the long run.

Starting its journey in a 2BHK setup in Mumbai to currently having offices both in Udaipur and the US, WISH has come a long way in terms of overall development as well as customer base expansion. Coming to the future roadmap, keeping the gradual market shift towards AI based solutions in mind, the firm has set a target to ensure maximum growth in the AI and chatbot-based solution space by the end of 2025.

In the upcoming June and July, WISH is also organizing various DevOps accelerator and Microsoft infrastructure consolidated programs that will massively benefit its customers. Through these programs, the firm's goal is to penetrate deeper into the market by offering a healthy mix of Microsoft Azure DevOps tools to its customers for project management and operations.