Wedoeconsult: A One-Stop-Shop for all Digital Marketing Requirements

Adil Ghani,Founder & MD

Adil Ghani

Founder & MD

With the rise in adoption of digital methods; business processes from all across the industries have changed their modus operandi. Digital marketing has replaced conventional marketing methods, creating a whole new scope for the Brick and Mortar businesses to connect with their potential clients and increase their customer base in newer or existing markets by changing their prevailing business models to an online one, or by introducing new digital marketing strategies to the previously existing ones. With changing times and advancing industrial requirements, everyone is trying to level up their game to make their mark in the ever growing and rewarding online marketplace. With a vision to assist brands in improvising their marketing strategies, Bengaluru based Wedoeconsult Pvt Ltd is one such firm which takes a complete digital marketing approach to serve its customers by offering exclusive range of services that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC), Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

Established as a full-service digital marketing agency, Wedoeconsult drives growth with content marketing, automation and sales
nurturing, social media, advertising & PPC, website design, on page & off page optimization, retargeting and other foundational marketing strategies. The firm eliminates the unnecessary, strategizes for the client’s business and then implements the suitable strategies to bring out the desired outcomes. “Providing RoI and realizing the marketing activity objective requires strategical experience, and this is where our expertise comes into the picture. At Wedoeconsult, we help clients identify their target audience, geographical locations, patterns and demographics, which give them good end results. As a customer centric firm, we believe in growing by enabling our partners to grow. We take pride in being responsible and consistent with integrity and transparency, and delivering measurable results while acting as consultants to the businesses,” says Adil Ghani, Founder & Managing Director, Wedoeconsult.

In this era of digitization where the industry is full of marketing solution and service providers, one can seldom find the right marketing partner with exact blend of proficiency and professionalism like Wedoeconsult. Set up in 2017, the firm is recognized for perfectly amalgamates its consistency and industry insights with the right combination of strategies. With a vision to make every innovative development in the digital marketing field convenient, result oriented and efficient for startups, Karan says, “Many startups fall down quickly because they are not getting the right potential in the market. In such cases, the attention span is not utilized well; this should be changed. As a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and passion, we deliver designs and digital outcomes while remaining focused on our customers’
objectives, brands, and strategies. We are always on the job to go over and beyond to serve our customers and to deliver extraordinary results for their online success,” says Karan. To stay ahead in today’s cut-throat competition, Wedoeconsult always keeps its team updated with the latest technologies and trends that help the firm transform with the customers’ evolving demands

Karan Parwani, Co-Founder

As a young firm, Wedoeconsult has gained immense attention in just shut-eye time. They have successfully completed quite a few domestic and international projects, as one of their clients Mr. Dheeraj Ranka Sethia said " I believe I was the first client of this all-star company. Great support – excellent relationship. Hoping they will go a long way to become the next Google. With holding its ‘Customer- First’ attitude, the company plans to grow at a rate of 30-40 percent year-on-year. Adding more feathers to its hat, in the coming years, Wedoeconsult is planning to start its own training facility for corporate and individual entrepreneurs to impart effective knowledge on Digital Marketing. With the vision to be ranked amongst the most respected Digital Marketing organizations by 2020, Wedoeconsult is all set to spread its wings across both national and international markets in coming days.