vTEST: Helping Startups to Deliver Defect Free Software through End-to-end Software Testing Services

Shakil Hanjgikar,DirectorThe dog eat dog competition between product based startups in India has left no excuse for a bad or faulty product, which eventually is making the startups to go for effective product testing methodologies. In a way, we can draw an analogy between product based startups and pregnant women. The doctors scan for baby's growth rate, heart rate, blood cholesterol test and blood pressure test at regular intervals of pregnancy in order to make sure that the baby enters the world without any potential defects.In similar manner, all product startups will need a dedicated testing partner who can validate their ideas right from its inception stage until it goes live and beyond. Conceding this shift in the mindset, Shakil Hanjgikar (popularly known as Shak), a startup enthusiast who comes with 15+ years of rich QA & Testing experience, ventured vTEST Software Testing Services in February 2015 with an idea of providing independent software testing services to product based startups. This Pune-based company offers tailor-made Testing & Quality assurance services round the clock - 24 X 7, particularly for the startups.
vTEST enables its clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. The company's best quality processes, tailor-made testing frameworks and efficient test practices sanction time and energy for the startups to concentrate on R&D, system design & development, and business transformation areas. For product startups in a hurry to release the software, vTEST does a quick and comprehensive testing through automation methods leaving zero defects. On the whole, vTEST clients can reap the benefit of rich experienced testing experts across different software applications at minimal costs.

vTESThelps clients in setting-up testing practises through mentoring, consulting & building matured test procedures including robust test automation frameworks which results in best delivery

Comprehensive Suite of Services
vTEST adopts holistic-focused business value approach to help product startups achieve their objective of launching defect free software solutions. The company employs ISTQB, CSTE certified testers who are proficient in all testing methodologies and tools. vTEST provides a blend of testing & quality assurance services which include manual, automated and performance testing along with
auditing, accessing, setup and training services. In addition to testing as a service, the company offers staff augmentation services to positioning test consultants at client site.

vTEST even helps clients in setting up testing practises through mentoring, consulting and building matured test procedures including robust test automation frameworks which exalts the client's team to deliver better. To reduce the overall testing time, the company has developed multiple test automation frameworks including numerous tools like Selenium Web driver, TestNG, Appium, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, Bit Bucket, and Bamboo, and also houses 500+ test cases ready to reuse at any time. "vTEST will be a key partner for product based companies to reduce overall cost of quality and develop better solutions in quick time," asserts Shakil, Director, vTEST. The company works closely with the clients' team and even tends to follow the same business days as its clients.

The Pathway Ahead
vTEST is a small group of 11 testers working either from the base office at Pune or client locations. Being an agile organisation the company follows an open and transparent work culture with great focus on communication. vTEST believes in empowering its associates for greater productivity by adding skills through regular trainings. The company aims to grow exponentially and is hiring at all levels within the testing arena. vTEST is focusing on procuring clients from different geographical locations and growing its foot hold strong across the world.