Voxvalley Technologies: One-stop Solution for All Digital Communication Needs

Sajjan Mallik,Founder & CEO

Sajjan Mallik

Founder & CEO

The CPaaS industry is adding voice, advanced messaging, video, digital payments, and APIs to enhance an organization’s business communications. Independent studies by Juniper and Gartner suggest that CPaaS companies need to add novel mediums to their current offerings to gain a competitive advantage. One company that has already upleveled its game is Voxvalley Technologies, leveraging advanced technology to offer quality-centric business communication products.

Voxvalley Technologies is a custom CPaaS and omnichannel services provider that helps its clients build engaging interactions to build a customer base. “Customer interactions play a huge role in the success of any business. Our solutions not only attract potential customers but, more importantly, help retain the existing ones”, says Sajjan Mallik, Founder and CEO, Voxvalley Technologies. The company furnishes a host of solutions ranging from Softphone for OTT, enterprises, and virtual numbers to UCM, CPaaS, video call SDK, et al. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing communication technology.

The SIP-based Softphone application enables customers to receive and make hassle free calls across the globe. The feature packed VoIP mobile dialer is a light weight, robust, and reliable Soft phone that delivers exceptional voice quality and supports App-to-PSTN calling. On the other hand, Tringy is a mobile OTT VoIP communication platform for voice and video calls, instant messaging,
presence media sharing, voucher recharge, and balance transfer. Tringy’s back end is a Softswitch server that allows clients to manage the user account. The payment is integrated with PayPal, credit card, and debit card, and the messages are TLS encrypted and media with SRTP.

Voxvalley Technologies has developed a novel platform called Cloud Communications Platform that enables clients to add realtime communication features to their existing web and mobile applications using secure and scalable SDKs/ APIs. SMS API to implement twoway communication with customers, Numbers API for DID numbers, Chat SDK for instant messaging, Video SDK for video chat, and Voice SDK for voice communication are some APIs the client can easily incorporate. A leading debt organization witnessed the efficacy of Voxvalley Technologies’ solution. The client had more than 200 field agents who would, to meet their targets, call the customers at unacceptable times, resulting in a negative perception of the organization. Voxvalley was called in for help and they integrated Click to Call services and API in field agents’ mobile phones. The customer’s number is now secure and the organization receives and can track detailed CDR, Agent Analytics Report, Log-In/Log-Out, and Call Recording features.

Voxvalley's solutions not only attract potential customers but more importantly help in retaining the existing ones

To ensure that customers receive a seamless experience, the solutions are designed following an omnichannel communication approach. This allows clients to move away from conventional communication channels like voice or SMS and introduce new communication channels, which can be monitored from a single dashboard. The fact that the solutions are cloud based makes the system less expensive to develop and maintain. In addition, the developers can add and customize features according to their expectations, making the Voxvalley solutions highly scalable.

The world of business communication is rapidly evolving, and technology is also changing. Voxvalley Technologies is well poised to offer innovative communication solutions that give its clients desired flexibility in an easy-to-use manner. The CPaaS solutions aim to improve overall customer experience and provide contextual communication. Operational efficiency and third party app integration are added advantages delivered via the offerings. With a vision to be a market leader in delivering custom tailored CPaaS, omnichannel and related communication products and effectively address all communication concerns with effortless communication solutions, Voxvalley Technologies aims to add newer features and continue on its journey to be an end-to-end solution for the communication industry.