Voiceback Analytics: Empowering Businesses with Business Intelligence Solutions

Manishi Sanwal,   FounderIn the ever-evolving landscape of business intelligence (BI), Microsoft has emerged as a beacon of innovation, continuously adapting to the dynamic needs of industries worldwide. Since its inception, Power BI, a key component of Microsoft’s BI ecosystem, has catalyzed a paradigm shift in how organizations harness data to drive informed decision-making and enhance operational efficiency.

Over the years, various technology companies have embraced Power BI, leveraging its robust capabilities to offer unparalleled B2B services to their clientele. One such company making waves in this domain is Voice back Analytics. It specializes in building products around data that extract actionable insights and seamlessly integrate into clients’ operating systems.

Voiceback Analytics began its journey with a vision to unlock the potential of data-driven solutions in diverse sectors. “A lot of the work we do is on the customer-facing side, where we build solutions that give more power to client’s CRM", says Manishi Sanwal, Founder. Despite starting from scratch, Khan’s background in operations and sales instilled in him a strategic mindset and a knack for problem-solving, providing a solid foundation for the company’s foray into data analytics. As Voiceback Analytics embarked on its journey of growth and evolution, it found a natural ally in Power BI. Within four years, the firm transitioned from a startup to a trusted solutions partner of Microsoft.

The market of Microsoft partners is driven by several factors, including Microsoft’s
customer-centric approach, robust support system, and pioneering advancements in cloud computing and AI integration. Voiceback Analytics stands out in this landscape due to its unique blend of cutting-edge technology and deep operational expertise. This hands-on understanding of functional dynamics allows it to tailor its solutions to meet each client’s specific needs and objectives, ensuring that the solutions delivered are technologically sophisticated, practical, and effective in driving business value.

Unlike traditional tech-focused firms, Voiceback Analytics boasts a team with extensive business management experience, enabling them to develop solutions that resonate with real-life operational challenges. This multidisciplinary team brings a holistic perspective to the table, allowing the firm to develop solutions that are not only technically proficient but also grounded in practical business realities. By bridging the gap between technology and operations, Voiceback Analytics empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth.

A lot of the work Voice back Analytics does is on the customer-facing side, where it builds solutions that give more power to client’s CRM

Voiceback Analytics specializes in analytics for customer-facing operations, catering to industries such as retail, F&B, and brands. Its services encompass customer analytics, dynamic CRM communication, inventory planning, and replenishment automation. For instance, its flagship product, VBA 361, leverages AI to personalize customer communications, optimize inventory management, and drive sales growth. Through AI-powered algorithms, it analyzes customer data to personalize communications across various channels, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

In addition, it optimizes inventory management by predicting demand patterns and recommending optimal inventory levels. Moreover, VBA 361 empowers sales teams with actionable insights into customer behavior, enabling them to identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

The firm envisions expanding its product suite to encompass a broader range of data-driven solutions. With a keen eye on emerging techno-logies like generative AI and advanced data science, the company aims to stay at the forefront of innovation, empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world. Power BI, coupled with visionary companies like Voiceback Analytics, continues redefining the business intelligence landscape. As organizations recognize the immense value of data insights, partnerships with forward-thinking entities like Voiceback Analytics pave the way for a future where datadriven decision-making becomes the cornerstone of success.