Vitrea: Building the Future of Smart Comfort

Mohammed Ajhas,DirectorVitrea Smart Home, Vitrea India is the subsidiary of Israel headquartered Global Vitrea. While the premiere names in the Smart Home domain have wired solutions as their predominant offering, Vitrea is the only company with unique wireless solutions. Vitrea came-up with wireless proprietary protocol ARANET which has zero latency speed with continuous connectivity with all the Vitrea devices as RF Mesh network.

Although home automation itself has its benefits in its purpose, the customer pain point is all about the installations, integrations and after sales service and support. Vitrea ensures the seamless adoption of wireless technologies and comfort. Using Vitrea’s wireless keypads, any layman with little or no technical expertise can install it. All the controllers are pre-programmed by Vitrea and deployed at the site. Later at any moment, the client can modify with the help of Vitrea’s support. Bringing the customization factor, Vitrea offers a plethora of designs. Also, Vitrea's systems can be upgraded and integrated to
third party systems at any later point of time. However, that’s not where the uniqueness lies. The uniqueness is that even if the controller fails, Vitrea's switches will work manually so the user does not remain in dark.

Vitrea is the only brand globally as of now, which can directly integrate with multiple bra

More than anything, Design, Integration and Technology form the three pillars of strength and uniqueness for Vitrea. Vitrea is the only brand globally as of now, which can directly integrate with multiple brands. Vitrea has dedicated line of products just to support the 3rd party brands. For instance, Crestron customer can have Cresnet keypad, and KNX customer is availed the KNX keypads. These keypads can directly talk to their system as Vitrea gets the chipset from respective manufacturers. Also for the brands like Lutron, control4, elan, RTI, BITwise, Vantage and Savant, Vitrea has built keypads with an additional gateway. More so, Vitrea has its own wired bus system and wireless system for the residential, commercial and hospitality segments.

As a global firm, Vitrea has numerous projects. However, one of the most recent venture is a 1500 sq.ft home with five floors, wherein the walls were finished with marble. Now, wireless is hard to go through such obstacles. After consulting with 15 global brands, the client finalized Vitrea as it can offer wireless protocol without delay with strong integrations support.

Until last year, Vitrea had established its stronghold in European and US region. In 2020, the organization expanded to ASEAN countries. Vitrea is now in Singapore handling all ASEAN regions. This year, Vitrea is inaugurating a new office at Dubai, and soon, the firm will be focusing on overseas expansion. "We are working to collaborate as a technology partner with builders to support the hybrid switches which we have built for the builder market. These hybrid switches can be used as digital normal touch switches, and if the customer wants to opt for automation, we can offer a controller, and the whole house is automated instantly," says Mohammed Ajhas, Director, Vitrea.