Vertex Global: Meeting Enterprise Security Needs with Leading-Edge ICT Solutions

Gaurang Sharma,  DirectorToday, networking forms the core of digital transformation. Advanced technologies like IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics are augmenting industry growth while adding more demands on Enterprise Network, Infrastructure and Data Security. Some of the key challenges encountered by organizations is the shortage of skilled IT personnel, and distributed solutions that add a layer ofcomplexity which does not provide a holistic architecture and the need for efficient manageability of Enterprise LAN and WAN. With cloud, mobility, and BYOD adoption becoming prerequisite and adding new dimensions to the way businesses operate, it also increases its vulnerability to network and cyber security attacks. Security attack vectors have evolved, making the need for detection and disruptive security solutions essential. Coming to the fore and eliminating
the aforementioned bottlenecks, Vertex Global facilitates businesses with their cutting edge services with a strong focus on delivering the best value in I.C.T(Information and Communications Technology), Datacenter, Information Security and Next Generation Technologies. “Vertex Global has invested in OEM Partnerships and a technical team to meet the growing security needs of our clients. We have invested with OEMs with Prevention, Detection and Disruption solutions to assist our clients in tackling security threats and regulatory compliances,” explains Gaurang Sharma, Director Vertex Global. In strategic partnerships with industry leading OEMs, the company has a gamut of robust offerings such as Firewalls/UTM devices, APT solutions, SIEM/SOC, Application/Network Testing, End Point Management and Mobile Device Management that provide impenetrable security.

We have invested with OEMs with Prevention, Detection and Disruption solutions to assist our clients in tackling security threats and regulator

Vertex Global with their experienced technically adept team of professionals maintains a strong bond with OEMs to continually drive value to its customers. The company achieves this objective with their unique 3V Model that is deployed in every engagement. 3V stands for Value to Clients, Value to OEMs and Value to Stakeholders. The team works with the customer throughout their journey right from the beginning. Vertex Global harnesses the power of their deep knowledge in this domain and ensures that an enterprise’s IT investment is in accordance to its business requirements. The company then offers a comprehensive suite of novel solutions to address the customer pain points thus acting as a client advocate to OEMs.

Maintaining their leadership position in this sector, the company continually strives towards staying abreast of advanced technologies, adapting to changing market dynamics and merging it with client feedback to deliver the best value in terms of solutions and engagement to the clients. “We are nimble, agile and flexible and we are willing to learn and adapt to our clients’ needs and to the changing market dynamics,” adds Gaurang. With a vision to revolutionize the enterprise networking landscape, Vertex Global aims to integrate the latest technology trends such as IoT, Big Data, and Blockchain into its offerings to continually deliver best-in-class products.