Venture7 Technology: Adhering to Quality, Always

Narendra Kumar,Founder & CEO

Narendra Kumar

Founder & CEO

"Nobody's madder than me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should," said President Obama when America's went down due to software defects. This situation is an excellent example of companies treating QA as an after thought. With nothing different on the Indian page, healthcare sites and apps are also under the same influence which is limiting quality and service. Understanding the importance of QA segment, Narender Kumar founded Venture7 Technology to fill this industrial void and allow its clients to focus on their core business while Venture7 team assists them with right strategy, quality assurance, test automation and coordinated Crowd testing services.

A Distinguished Service
Venture7 started in 2015 with Crowd testing services (as Skytesters) which is now an independent Testing-as-a-Service platform for mobile apps. In 2016, the core team started working full time to offer Product Engineering and Test Automation (automated testing of redundant and critical tasks), and QA services (finding
the gaps between the tools, systems teams & culture and plugging them to provide a valued product). With its main purpose of providing achievable goals to the clients, Venture7 boasts of architect level test automation experts who are skilled in delivering quality products to their end-users. For testing instances where the senior intervention is not required, the Crowd testing community is put in to action which covers several use cases and saves considerable amount of time and money, which is otherwise not possible with in-house teams. Keeping up with the trend of the current market, the organization also offers a comprehensive suite of services like Test Management, Test Process Improvement, Performance Testing, Security Testing, QA Strategy Consultation and User Surveys.

Venture7 involve itself with the work force of its client company, get into sync with them, acquire customer insight and execute the quality analysis on a deeper level

Usually, companies offer QA services on the UI/UX level, but the key differentiator of Venture7 is that it involves itself with the work force of its client company, gets into sync with them, acquires their customer's insight and execute the quality analysis on a
deeper level. The QA engineers are usually developers who would code and reduce the amount of time by applying test automation for a faster end result. Another area where Venture7 makes a difference is that its teams not only does test application but also involve IT strategy verification and business continuity verification under SLA based engagement model, all under one umbrella.

With very less time between crafting and final functioning of the end product, one of the challenges faced by conventional QA & Testing providers is that many times the ROI is based on tedious reports prepared by the QA heads. Venture7 aligns these reports which provide a meaningful predictability as per the requirement of CTO/CIO into the quality of release for which they will get feedback from the customers. Lack of trust by the U.S. entities pay another spoilsport, which sometimes fall prey to lack of transparency and inefficient long term team continuity from other Indian establishments. This gets duly handled by the senior product management team of Venture7.

With some of the top real estate firms, healthcare organizations, music app and media firms as its clients, Venture7 has its future mapped out very clearly. "We want to be Apple of Software Product Engineering Services and Amazon Web Service of Testing-as-a-Service platform and this approach will bring quality excellence, scalability and flexibility for our customers," concludes Narender.