Upsteer Tek Solutions: Boost Employee Verification Process With Digitized Certificates

In an era of cut-throat competition, educational certificates play a big part in determining the skill sets of a job applicant. Currently, global firms are experiencing several issues when it comes to finding qualified professionals due to a staggering increase in diploma frauds such as duplicate or unauthorized certifications. There are many unconstitutional academic degrees and certifications provided by unauthorized institutions as well, that is resulting in a rapid increase in the number of individuals holding forged documents.

Upsteer Tek Solutions aims to bridge this gap by issuing digital certification solutions. Under its advanced digital certificate framework, a university needs to classify each college under it and those colleges need to enroll the students department-wise. Once a student applies for certification the college provides provisional certificates and mark memo and the university will produce a QR code with a block hash. The hash value and student data are stored in a database for future reference. `The solution provides smart documents and certificates with high security and longer shelf life'-Jai Peechara, Founder, CEO, & Head of Finance, Upsteer Tek Solutions.

Upsteer Tek Solutions banks on cutting-edge technology to provide advanced services. The company leverages blockchain technology to issue certificates, which helps in enhancing the validation process. Blockchain acts as the perfect database which assists individuals to gain full access to the verification process. Furthermore, the blockchain also electronically reduces the risk of losing important documents and certificates. Every certificate is backed by electronic security via digital certification enabled with a view through computers and handheld devices.
This next-gen employee verification process generates certifications with advanced properties such as Dynamic Data Capture(data captured from print files to create variable virtual security elements), Pantograph (prevents unauthorized copying), Ghost Image(an additional layer of security), Print Trace (smart serialization tagging that facilitates audit trail tracking), UV Text (secured with existing security layers), and Variable Microprinting (secondary authenticity verification).

Upsteer Tek Solutions leverages cutting-edge solutions to generate different types of certificates such as Provisional Certificate (PO), Candidate Marks Memo (CMM), and Original Degree Certificate (OD). These certificates help employers to validate the educational degrees of any candidate around the globe with a mere QR scan. This speeds up the recruitment process by reducing the time for background verification. This company also provides smart paper solutions which are waterproof, non-tearable, and non-termite. It is assisted with 20 security features when it comes to printing. Along with that, Upsteer Tek Solutions also provides birth and death certificate services for clients in different sectors such as Banking and Insurance.

Upsteer tek solutions banks on cutting-edge technology to provide advanced services

Upsteer Tek Solutions steered by futuristic approach offers a diverse range of services that also includes digital transformation, cyber security, cloud management, blockchain, DevOps management, drone technologies, IoT, and mobility services. Over the years, this company has rendered its services to some marquee names such as IL& FS, Posidex, Wilson Technology, and the Government sector. Cisco, Cannon, and SAP are its technology partner Upsteer Tek Solutions aim to provide value-driven futuristic solutions powered by modern technologies like AI, RPA, IoT, and more that cater to unique and diverse requirements of global industries.

"A big reason behind our company's immense success is the expertise of our team that consists of individuals who have years of valuable experience in this field and diverse technological expertise', concludes Jai Peechara, Founder, CEO, & Head - Finance, Upsteer Tek Solutions.