UniPro Education: Offering Tailored Digital Market Solutions to the Largely Untapped Education Industry

“When the youth is online, what’s your strategy to reach them?” asks Ankit Khare, Director & Co-Founder, UniPro Education Pvt. Ltd., the only digital marketing agency dedicated solely to the education domain. Though education is one of the top five advertising categories when it comes to total media advertising spends, in a recent survey conducted among its clients, Unipro Education found that their share is quite imbalanced and largely skewed towards traditional media channels. Various studies claim that 93 percent of Indian students spend 3.4 to four hours daily on an average on mobiles or laptops, but due to lack of awareness and poorly defined digital strategy, institutes spend way more on traditional marketing.

Foreseeing this sea of potential in education domain, Ankit ventured Unipro Education with a vision to change the very mind set and enable education advertisers to reach precise audience by marketing digitally. As a digital evangelist, the company recently launched a digital awareness campaign called ‘Balancing Act’ which educates on parameters like audience behaviour, myths about traditional media and how digital media solutions can help education advertisers.

A Torchbearer for Education Marketing

Incepted in 2011, Unipro Education has been the forerunner in providing marketing services to the education sector. The company is a one-stop-shop for all the digital needs starting from impressions to enrolments, brand visibility, advocacy and student engagement. Combining its unparalleled understanding of the education sector & the audience
Ankit Khare,Co-Founder & Director

Ankit Khare

Co-Founder & Director

Unipro creates perfectly tailored solutions comprising of SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing and creative solutions that deliver measurable results

behaviour (students), and rich expertise in digital marketing, Unipro Education creates perfectly tailored solutions comprising of SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing and creative solutions that delivers measurable results.

The company’s customised Lead Management System is a unique CRM solution that tracks, manages and distributes leads in real time thereby making admission process and marketing efforts more robust. Advertisers can track the performance of each counsellor and check the source of each lead coming from various sources, giving them a clear picture of which aspect of their campaign is working and which is not.

Unipro Education has also created
an in-house online application platform that helps institute streamline their enrolment process, and when integrated with LMS provides advertisers with real time insights into their campaigns. The company has successfully delivered exceptional success stories with more than 100 digital marketing campaigns for clients like TOEFL, GRE, XLRI and several others. Processing more than one million leads in the past year, Unipro Education has been given the title of the moniker of being trend disrupting by many media outlets.

Going International

The fast growing and ever more influential economy have set Indian education at a global stage, drawing an increasing number of students from abroad. Digital being the only way to market internationally, Unipro Education is helping Indian universities to advertise in the International market to get the right kind of students. Besides this, the company also works with international universities who target international students. Unipro Education started with just three employees and is now a team of 34 members who work from Mumbai, Bengaluru and the headquarter Gurugram. Unlike typical agency, Unipro’s employees work to their strength and always strive to go an extra mile for the clients while maintaining a fun working environment. “Being education-centric, we are able to consult clients with solutions that a generic agency cannot come up with. This reflects well in the fact that we are already cash positive and if our growth is an indicator, things only look brighter going forward,” concludes Ankit.