Unikelvin Ventures: A Leading Provider of End to End HVAC Solutions

Chandrashekhar D & Shreekara H S,FoundersToday, HVAC is one of the fastest-growing industries at present, it did not have much focus on customer-centric supply, installation and after-sales services, all these years which is changing now as the trends of owning air-conditioning systems are not luxuries anymore. With the increasing demands of HVAC technology, the requirement of quality service providers is also increasing. Established in 2018, Unikelvin Ventures is one company that is providing excellent HVAC product solutions. Based out of Bangalore, Unikelvin, a brainchild of Chandrashekar D and Mr. Shreekara H S, is a turnkey industrial solutions provider with offerings like HVAC, Electrical, integrated building management systems, modular cleanrooms, cleanroom equipment such as laminar airflow, bio-safety cabinets, air handling units.

Unikelvin Ventures has already made an impact by achieving 2.3 crores revenue, within seven months of inception, and aims to close FY20 with more than 5.0 Crores in revenue

“We provide a complete range of products and services starting from planning, concept, construction,
designing to supplying, installing, testing, commissioning, validation, documentation and after-sales service support that is required by industrial customers. We are also an authorized channel partner for Daikin air-conditioning systems in Bangalore and we deal with the entire range of Daikin products right from room air-conditioners and ductable ACs to VRVs,” speaks Chandrashekhar, Founder, Unikelvin Ventures.

Adding to this,Shreekara says, “At Unikelvin Ventures, we provide HVAC for malls, offices, buildings where air-conditioning mainly falls under commercial HVAC. For industries, we provide industrial and cleanroom grade HVAC with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. We focus on companies from pharma, biotech, healthcare, hospitals, semiconductors, electronics, food & beverages, and manufacturing

A young firm, Unikelvin Ventures has already made an impact by achieving 2.3 crores revenue, within seven months of inception, and aims to close FY20 with more than 5.0 Crores in revenue. This faster growth is all because of their wide range of quality and energy-efficient products, faster execution time, efficient services. In this short period, Unikelvin Ventures has already served some of the giants from various industries like Armes Maini, Syngene, Narayana Health Hospitals, Sterling Laboratories, Sami, Anthem Biosciences and Radisson Blu hotels to name a few. Describing how they complete projects at Unikelvin Ventures, Chandrashekhar says, “Basically, we break any project into multiple lines of items, simulate them in Excel to execute them on minimum time at a very cost-effective manner. The materials used by us come directly from manufacturers. We have limited and loyal vendors who support us with credit, competitive prices and timely delivery, through rate contracts. We are one of very few in this industry whouse 3D modeling using Catia and Revit MEP where the entire project is made into a 3D plan of all systems. This has helped us to cut down the execution time by 20-30%.

At present, there is a lot of demand for energy-efficient HVAC products at a low cost which every HVAC consumer is looking for. For this solitary reason, Unikelvin Ventures is aiming to bring in the best technologies around the world into their projects. There is no geographical limitation for Unikelvin Ventures when it comes to providing services as they are driving customers throughout India and from other countries like Nigeria, Benin and Uganda. Chandrashekhar also wants to venture out into manufacturing in a couple of years down the line. Once the loyal client base is built in 2-3 years Unikelvin shall bet big on the manufacturing of HVAC products. They are already in touch with few investors to initiate the manufacturing process.
In the next 10 years down the line, Chandrashekhar and Shreekara want to make Unikelvin Ventures one of the largest players in space in India.