Trigent Software: Setting New Trends in Offshore Product Development by Breathing Agile

Chella Palaniappan,VP-Client Services

Chella Palaniappan

VP-Client Services

We recently saw the shutdown of 70-year-old ‘Toys R Us’ - one of the world’s largest toy store chains. This brick and mortar chain closure is a clear indicator of how digital is driving the world of business where agility cannot be ignored any longer. This need for digital agility requires faster delivery models, making agile methodology a universal necessity in software development. However, the fact is, the flood of 'me too' agile providers has resulted in a predicament,i.e. culmination of digital transformation failures across industries. This is why organizations restrict their radar to product development pioneers like Trigent Software, Inc., which deploys widespread implementation and usage of agile processes across its offerings.

Having engaged in trendsetting offshore software development practices for the past 23+ years, Trigent today empowers its clients to increase business efficiency within time - limits and without escalating budgets by adopting Agile & DevOps culture. Trigent offers a spectrum of services ranging from Cloud & mobile product engineering to enterprise digital
transformation, with a significant
difference in the development process, through its Continuous Quality Assurance/Automated Testing (CQAT) framework which works reliably and frictionless within the agile/scrum methodology.

Trigent’s CQAT is complemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide critical insights to further boost productivity, jump-start and accelerate production

A Quality Backend
By establishing feedback loops closer to early stages of development, Trigent’s CQAT team consisting of experienced software developers and test engineers has ensured uncompromising quality to solutions, catching defects early in the product lifecycle. This has obviously led to greater operational efficiency. “Trigent’s CQAT is complemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide critical insights to further boost productivity, jump-start and accelerate production. Our skilled engineers with domain expertise work to ensure high visibility within stipulated timeframes and budgets,” says Chella Palaniappan, VP-Client Services, Trigent Software.

Adopting DevOps with automation using container technologies(Docker)and 'infrastructure-as-code’, Trigent accelerates incremental deliveries
(often as frequent as twice a week). While Trigent banks on Jenkins, CodeShip or Bamboo to automate the Continuous Integration process, test automation is facilitated through platforms like Selenium, TestComplete, and Cucumber. “With 'quality' as our DNA, we have a long-standing commitment towards quality management & continuous improvement, proven by globally accepted certifications and frameworks including ISO: 2018, and SEICMM Level 4,” adds Chella.

Trigent’s strong cloud technology footprint and huge investments in AWS& Azure have played a pivotal role in Trigent achieving the three pillars of agile development: transparency, inspection and adaptation.For those who worry about security attacks, Trigent provides holistic security assurance with its comprehensive testing services.

Nurturing Talent to Serve Better
Trigent serves several SMBs and blue-chip MNCs across various industry segments including healthcare, insurance, fleet-management, and real-estate. Chella adds, “Our uncompromising commitment to quality has resulted in excellent client acquisitions. We have in fact entered into seven new client relations this year.” As a result of this exponential growth the company recently extended its services to Australia and New Zealand. Trigent attributes its success over the last two decades to its employees who are offered a perfect work environment to develop personally and professionally.