Tresm Labs: Helping Businesses Achieve Cognitive Transformation

Vamsi Yeluri ,   Co-founder & CEO

Vamsi Yeluri

Co-founder & CEO

When we had envisioned the future of human-technology interaction, it was often glazed with ideas of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). AI has definitely facilitated and expedited human creativity. However, bringing that value to the enterprises at a larger scale is no cake walk. Based out of Hyderabad, Tresm Labs builds AI Products and solutions in the Tresm Labs AI incubator - a lab, where data scientists, domain and technology experts come together to bring down the tallest obstacles in AI adoption. Co-founded in 2016 by established entrepreneur Indarjith Mathivanan and leading technopreneur Vamsi Yeluri, Tresm Labs is enabling an AI-First world by bringing cutting-edge AI to the real world through its transformative business applications. “Most of our AI solutions will augment human capabilities and intelligence with little overhead management or expertise required, which means IT teams can get more done with their
Tresm Labs focus their construct of AI and ML solutions around customer centricity. The company develops both B2B and B2C solutions for clients and their end users keeping in mind their future technology needs to ensure the enterprises are always ahead in the innovation race, be it for themselves or when they are competing with their industry peers. For that matter, Tresm has been assisting many noted healthcare and financial clients enabling them to be future ready with regards to innovation and AI adoption. “We help them devise their AI roadmaps to put their AI plans on track with achievable objectives both short and long term”, adds Indarjith Mathivanan, Chief Business Officer, Tresm Labs.

"Tresm Labs focus their construct of AI and ML solutions around customer centricity"

Serving AI to both End User and Developer Community
Being an AI first and AI focused company, Tresm Labs’ proprietary software development kit is their USP with the entire solution being home grown and no dependency on any third party NLP/NLU engines. The first AI product out of this lab, ‘’ was built keeping in mind the simplest of uses cases to the most possible complex ones. The platform offers surplus features allowing clients to use the platform and build the bots on their own for any level of use case
complexity in their ecosystem. The developer community too has appreciated the platform as Tresm Labs has provided the developers with a full featured development console to help them build super complex bots which will have tons of integrations with in-house and third-party APIs and at the same time can be used to programmatically design and develop super power chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants.

Indarjith Mathivanan
Chief Business Officer

Having started with Botjet as the only product, Tresm Labs now has more than 4 innovative AI solutions which will be powering their customers’ digital transformation journey. These solutions can be deployed by the enterprises to improve the Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Customer Service and provide End to End Customer Engagement Management for brands and enterprises. Given the demand for the innovative solutions and focus on business development outside of India, Tresm Labs intends to expand operations and reach out to other markets in the next few quarters.