Trak N Tell: Going a Step beyond the Conventional Tracking Services

Pranshu Gupta,CEOWhat started as a supporting technology to help the NASA win the race to space, GPS technology has come a long way from merely being a 'Positioning' system. Though the GPS is now a household name and gaining technical advancement, the industry continues to lack the diagnostic approach and human touch towards crisis. Gurgaon-based Trak N Tell is a unique organisation that is building GPS products with compassion. What sets the organisation apart is its ability to connect the driver with his loved ones and analyse the vehicle’s health and cut the engine at the tap of a button. In case of breakdowns, the customer support at the organisation can remotely help the driver by informing his/her kin for help. “Trak N Tell promotes the car to a smart car that can be regulated remotely and in case of thefts or emergencies, be revived immediately,” states Pranshu Gupta, Founder, Trak N Tell.

Product with a Difference
Trak N Tell is an IoT company that

The technicians at Trak N Tell deploy vehicle specific harness to install the product without disturbing the original wiring

has the rare distinction of building next-generation GPS products that work smoothly along side 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. While the world is rolling off 2G, Trak N Tells 4G products are gaining considerable moment globally. With the help of telematics, the company products, namely the Intelli7 and Trakpod adapt to the dynamics of the vehicle & emergency situations, and establish immediate connection with the police and family for instant aid. Moreover, receiving real-time updates is now a possibility as the users can create a geofence (virtual boundary) for the vehicle and also set speed limits that upon breaching send an instant notification to the owner, warning him of the current situation. Interestingly, the Intelli7’s successor, Intelli7+ is infused with ‘Watchman’, while 'Immobilizer' featured offered in all variants strengthen the security net even further. The Watchman, akin to security personnel, prevents theft by alerting the owner through its relentless alarm system that gets activated upon any invasion. The immobilizer on the other hand, halts the engine functioning at a tap of button and ensures the car occupants’ safety in case of any vehicle crisis.
While safety is the prime concern, installation of GPS devices often wrecks the original wiring of the car. The technicians at Trak N Tell deploy vehicle specific harness to install the product without disturbing the original wiring. With such a user-friendly approach and highly competitive pricing, it is no wonder that several organisations in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry favour Trak N Tell for their GPS requirements. For several OEMs, the company delves deep into creating highly calibrated products to facilitate machine-to-machine communication to enable ease of use for drivers and give manufacturers the opportunity to gain maximum value for their end products. With its astonishingly futuristic services, the company is helping retail segments avoid theft and travel organisations manage their fleet without time lag and incurring expenses.

An ARAI &ISO certified organisation, Trak N Tell is a true patron of ‘Make in India’ where the entire processing, starting from design to manufacturing, is done in India. The company is currently working with select government bodies, helping them streamline public transportation and is also an active member of transportation and GPS service amendments committees of India. With its presence in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and many more, Trak N Tell is currently working on acquiring the coveted European and North American standards and innovating further to achieve a major milestone in the Indian GPS industry.